Local Government authorities challenged to utilize CDF – QFM

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

President Hakainde Hichilema Has Challenged The Local Government Authorities To Utilise The Increased Constituency Development Funds (CDF) To The Betterment Of Their Communities.

President Hichilema Says The New Dawn Government Saw It Fit To Increase The Funds And At The Same Time Implement The Decentralisation Policy To Allow Local Authorities Have More Say On What Projects Should Be Implemented Under CDF.

The Head Of State Was Speaking When He Officiated At The 65th Joint Local Government Association Of Zambia (LGAZ) Annual Conference In Lusaka Today.

He Says The Huge Responsibility Placed On Them Should Come With Accountability On Their End So As Not To Allow Corruption To Take Centre Stage On The Management Of Resources Want To Benefit The Communities.

President Hichilema There Is No Success of the Central Government without Local Government Hence the Need to Harmonise the Two in Their Operations.

Speaking At The Same Event, Minister Of Local Government And Rural Development Garry Nkombo Says Government Understands The Importance Of The Civic Leaders In Governance Dispensation.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala Has Urged The Local Authorities To Be Proactive In Service Delivery In All The Districts Of Zambia.