Matibini rules on Chinese language in Times of Zambia

Matibini-Speaker scolds MPs…as he terms their conduct disorderly, unacceptable
Matibini-Speaker scolds MPs…as he terms their conduct disorderly, unacceptable

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini is today Friday October 12 set to rule on the Chinese articles running in the Times of Zambia Newspaper.

This follows a point of order raised by leader of the opposition Jack Mwiimbu who wanted to know why the publication has been sidelining Zambians by publishing the Chinese language and not any other Zambian language.

Mr Mwiimbu who raised a point of order pursuant to Article 23 of the Zambian Constitution indicated that it was, trite law that by virtue of this constitution government should not be discriminating anyone who is Zambian or a Resident in Zambia.

Referring to a copy of a Times of Zambia Newspaper, he alleged that the publication has been discriminating Zambians and against the majority tribes in Zambia by publishing an article under the headline “SADC moods DRC peace whose article is in Chinese language when there has been no such article in the Zambian local languages.

The Leader of the opposition wondered why government is finding it proper and prudent in its own wisdom to start interpreting articles that are appearing in the newspapers in Chinese.

Mr Mwiimbu wanted the Speaker Dr Matibini to make a ruling on whether Information and Broadcasting Minister Dora Siliya was in order to remain quite and not to inform the house and the nation that Chinese is now an official language in Zambia.

” Mr Speaker I need your serious ruling, the Minister should tell us whether Chinese is an official language in Zambia so that we all start learning Chinese”, He said.

Mr Mwiimbu also wondered whether Ms Siliya was in order to abrogate the Constitution of Zambia under the above cited Article.

In his ruling the Speaker said he would render his ruling on Friday 12, October as he needed time to study the point of order.

Lusaka Times