CCZ warns pastors who are sexually molesting girls

Man Of God - Pastor, priest
Man Of God - Pastor, priest

THE Council of Churches in Zambia has expressed concern over the increasing number of men calling themselves pastors who have been sexually molesting girls during so-called special prayer sessions. CCZ general secretary Fr Emmanuel Chikoya says such disheartening acts were mainly perpetrated by “one-man church” pastors and has since called on society not to condone such churches.

He says relevant institutions must ensure that churches are registered institutions with accountability, governance structures and relevant documentation in place. Fr Chikoya has also called on the general citizenry not to be hoodwinked by miracle and prosperity focused pastors and that parents must ensure their daughters were not allowed to attend exclusive prayer sessions without their presence or responsible third parties.

He urged Zambians not to be desperate and to report such detestable activities by some pastors to police. And Fr Chikoya commended the Zambia Police Service for arresting Rodgers Mwanza who last week allegedly sexually harassed an unconscious woman in Petauke.

Fr Chikoya said the prompt response from the police to public demands to have the perpetrator arrested must be commended. He said women were dignified human beings and must be highly respected by society. Fr Chikoya emphasised that Africa had a long history of respecting women hence acts like the one Mwanza did to the woman were outrageous. He said Church theology informs that all human beings were made in the image of God and as such are to be regarded as sacred.
He condemned the act as well as the song “Katundu Not Very Big” that was recently released by a group called Sky Empire and produced by BX Exclusive. The song mocks the Petauke woman reported to have been raped by the man who filmed and published a video exposing her nudity.

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