Luanshya police arrest 11 NDC youths at secretariat


POLICE in Luanshya on Saturday arrested 11 opposition NDC youths at their party secretariat during a planning for the Independence day celebrations.

But Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said she was not aware of the arrests. NDC national youth chairman Charles Kabwita said the police acted on rumour to arrest his party’s members.

“We have secretariat offices in every district in the country. So youths in each district have started planning for the independence day celebrations. However, we were shocked by the conduct of the police to arrest members that were at an office, which is legal,” Kabwita said in an interview.

“So we had 14 youths at the secretariat office in Luanshya, who were planning for the Independence celebrations. But the police were given false information by our enemies who are so scared of NDC. The police came and ordered that the youths vacate the secretariat, but our youths resisted because our party is legal and registered and that is our office. In the process, the police arrested 11 youths and detained them at Luanshya Central Police Station. This is very unfair because as law abiding citizens and members of the NDC, we want to participate in the Independence Day, which our fathers fought for us…Let the police be professional. We want to ask madam Katanga to be communicating with his officers so that we are not disturbed in any way.”

But Katanga said she was not aware of such an incident.