Police arrest MP, Tutwa Ngulube

Honourable Tutwa Ngulube

Police in Kabwe have arrested area member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube for criminal trespass, stemming from a row he is in with the municipal council.

Last week, Ngulube dragged the Kabwe Municipal Council to court on allegations of abuse of authority of office and failing to comply with tender procedures.

But in apparent retaliation, the council, through the Town Clerk Ronald Daka, signed a closure order for Sonnet Melodius Building Complex, which houses Sonnet Hypermarket; a transit bus station for long distance vehicles, all operated by Ngulube saying it was an illegal business.

Police then surrounded the premises and locked them up.

Ngulube was intercepted at a police check point at Prospect Police station on his way to sort out the closure of his business.

After some minutes, journalists were stunned to see Ngulube being led into an unregistered police vehicle.

When asked what was happening, Ngulube said; “I am being arrested for criminal trespass”, before officers barred journalists from asking further questions.



  1. You see CK is now being vindicated!! Tutwa see how the monster, like what CK said, you helped create is now on you.Since hereditary procedure commence I smelt s rat that theCK was not going to be good and it will spread others ad seen in this action. PF proper died with MCS now its apf.PF vision carriers have been displaced like was smatako ayakulu apoka icende mukutila selako panono injikaleko bwino panono!!Just like in the Washer’s don’t I loved reading, I think it was in the Oxford English series readers.Kosa year!!The only problem we have is who can people chose to take over with the crop of leaders in so called big opposition parties we have.With them , their vision is to come and syphon the national treasury together with the seed. May we should try CK with prayers with a combination of other progressive leaders from all the provinces of Zambia!!!God save us!!