Edgar Lungu is corrupt! His stance on graft is insincere – Mwenya Musenge


The National Democratic Congress NDC is disappointed that President Edgar Lungu is now in the fore front championing corruption.

Lungu made shocking and regrettable remarks at a Pf dinner in Kitwe over the weekend where he clearly encourages party Stewart’s to involve themselves in corruption.

In the first place, we want State House to tell the nation whether Lungu was in his right state of mind when he publicly championed corruption.

To say that the President was intoxicated can not be an understatement.

No sensible leader in his right frame of mind can make such useless, degrading and irresponsible sentiments at a public forum.

Lungu’s remarks have not only brought Shame to the country, his discourse has negated the fight against corruption.

It is useless having graft bodies such as DEC and the Anti Corruption Commission ACC under Lungu.

It is clear that the Head of state has a criminal mind and does not abhor corruption.

Lungus remarks in Kitwe has legitimatized corruption.

Lungu has simply told and given citizens the Lee way to steal and loot public resources.

If Lungu can openly promote corruption, then how much has he stolen from public coffers from the time he took over public office?

President Lungu has not only vindicated himself that he is corrupt, he has actually made it very clear that he is a criminal.

Why and how can surely Lungu support graft when the majority of Zambians are leaving in poverty.

Lungus pro corruption crusade has eroded investor confidence. No business entities can plough their hard earned money into a mafia state.

Lungu has also insulted the donor community who have been aiding Zambia with development support. Lungu has sent a signal that all the money donors have been giving Zambia is not safe.

When we as NDC say Lungu is involved in dubious deals such as the oil scandal, the 42 million United State’s dollars fire tender’s, the dubious road projects and many other illicit activities such as mukula logs, we don’t mince our words.

Lungu is a Head of state and his handlers should guide him and censor what he says.

They say old habits die hard. With Lungu, this is true. Lungu stole clients money as a Lawyer and this man will never change. He has taken his dirty tricks to state house.

As NDC, we urge all multinational institutions and the donor community to carefully study lungus remarks and question him on his stance against corruption.

The money that Lungu is stealing is public money.

Zambians have no medicines in hospitals. Zambians have no access to proper sanitation, education and roads because of corrupt elements such as Lungu.

Lungu has thus sent a signal to civil servants and everyone else to steal public resources. What a shame.

As NDC, we urge the people of Zambia to demand for transparency and accountability in the manner public resources are being handled.

We also urge the technocrats, the civil servants to take stoke of what ever corruption deals Lungu is involved in.

The NDC in Government will prosecute Lungu and all his asset’s dubiously acquired will be for fitted to the state.

Its just a matter of time when Lungu will meet his fate..

We urge the church and all well meaning civil society grouping’s to therefore condemn the pro corruption crusade that Lungu has started.

Issued by : Mwenya Musenge. NDC Secretary General.