Farmers hoarding maize to protect own interest – Kaleyi

Reserve Agency (FRA) was established in 1996 as a semi-autonomous corporate body with responsibility for managing the National Food Security Reserve.

The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) says farmers hoarding their maize cannot be blamed as they are merely protecting their interest.

ZNFU Media and Public Relations Manager Kelvin Kaleyi says some farmers have opted to hoard their maize in expectation of selling their produce at a much higher price, later.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Kaleyi said in an interview on February 7, 2018, that the current floor price needs to be re-adjusted saying as soon as prices become attractive farmers will start offload the maize on the market.

He stated that some farmers have even failed pay back the loans they obtained from various financial institutions hence the reason why they are holding onto their maize.

Government through the Food Reserve Agency ( FRA) pegged the floor price for 2016/2017 farming season at K60 per 50KG which has been received with mixed feelings by sections of the farming community.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kaleyi has expressed gratitude on the rainfall pattern the country is experiencing.

Mr. Kaleyi said that the initial dry spell experienced in some parts of the country will have an impact on crop production.