Don’t ask me to dismiss Kampyongo, I chose him – President Lungu

Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
Hon. Stephen Kampyongo



…” Not Mulempanfya ati funyamofye Kampyongo. Funyamofye Kampyongo. Awe. Teimwe mwa musalile. Ninebo na musalile.” He said….

Chinsali. Sun. Jan 21. 2018

President Lungu has fired warning shots against those that are in the habit of taking stories to him against others hoping that he will fire them stating that it was the ones spoiling for the dismissal of others that he would instead dismiss.

The President stated that those that were calling for the dismissal of certain Ministers needed to know that fitting into a work pattern and producing results was not immediate nor easy but that like in a game of football whose duration was 90 Minutes, the Ministers too needed enough time to perform.

” Abashilebomba, ndefunya one, one ngefifine mulemona. Elo Bambi baleifumina beka. So, Mwisakamana sana. Twende babili temwenso . Ba Minister nama PS bonse, twalabomba nabo bonse nama DC. Lelo ushilebomba, nalamufunyamo.” He said.

He stated that the decision to fire should be left to him as he had sufficient intel on all his appointees and knew who was performing and who was lagging behind.

“Because Iam being told all the time that if only you can fire so and so, then things will move. But Remember, I promised you when I was forming Cabinet that Iam the coach. Am the Owner of the team . And Iam the one who knows how the match is being played. So those that aint performing, I will remove one by one and replace them with others because the fact is we are not few. We are plenty and we are all intelligent.

” Not Mulempanfya ati funyamofye Kampyongo. Funyamofye Kampyongo. Awe. Teimwe mwa musalile. Ninebo na musalile.” He said.

” Ba Minister, tekwesha ukulanjeba ati mufunyenimo uyu taleteya bwino . Muleteya nankwe. Munenu. Kamwebenifye ati boi apa tauleteya bwino. Butukila kulya nalakupasila bola.” He said.

” What am saying is that leave me alone to work with my team and i’ll decide who to substitute and at what point in time. Our 90 minutes run from 2011 to 2015, it ended. 2016 we started a new one and we are running 90 Minutes from 2016 to 2021. And i’ll know who to substitute and when. Napapata, leave My Ministers to work and if they are not working well, go and talk to them ati eshako ifi ne fi ne fi.” He added .

He stated that those that were going to him seeking dismissal of their collegues were wasting their time .

” The Ministers are living on this earth. In this Zambia. In this Country. If they dont do something right, just go and whisper to them. Dont come to me and say fire so and so. Be your brothers keeper. Go to your fellow Minister and advise him, how about working like this? ” He said.

He stated that if their way of doing things was going to be to go to him and ask him to dismiss a fellow Minister, it would be them that he would fire.

” There are People who think they are better than others. But as Father said, they too will get an opportunity to lead. As for now, its our time to lead and I ask them to step aside and allow us to work. Thank you very much.” The President said in conclusion.

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