GBM thanks supports after HH’s arrest

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM

Predetermined and not treason!


On behalf of the United Party for National Development I would like to say thank you for all messages, prayers and support we have continued to receive since the night of April 10th when our President’s residence was raided into by a huge number of masked and armed police officers who later arrested him.

Indeed the messages and prayers have been a source of great strength to our members and supporters who have been affected not only by the raid and incaceration but also the health of our President Hakainde Hichilema that has been deteorating since his arrest that night.

To our first lady Madam Mutinta Hichilema we want to thank you very much for being a prayer warrior and standing by your husband during the time that everyone of us did not know in what state you were following the banging sounds we heard, tear gas fired in the house and the huge number of police that cut off the power and paced up and down to accomplish their mission which was defeated by God power.

To our members indeed you have shown your love, unity and commitment to our President by continuing to stand by the Party.

Indeed your support has revealed the bond that exists with our President and served as a beacon that has a lit the way leading to the whole world to know about our Presidents incarceration.

Remember what he always told us that it is soon and darkest before dawn and yes it is so but within a short while golden rays shall shine and that will be the beginning of the new dawn.

I also want to thank you for living up to our request that we all need to remain calm and resolute to defend our incarcerated President.

To the international Community including great leaders your support has energised us and made us feel that indeed we belong to the global world.

To our traditional leaders across the country thank you so much for your messages and parental support and guidance you have continued to offer.

We continue praying for our leader

Peace be with you all



  1. You were told to go to school but you were busy running you cant even read the law.