Nevers Mumba on the verge of bankruptcy and eviction

nevers mumba
nevers mumba

Former MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba is said to be on the verge of bankruptcy and facing eviction from his rented house in Kabulonga Middle Way.

One of the workers of the former Republican Vice President who bitterly complained said they have not been paid for the past two months and Dr Mumba has not paid his rentals for the past three months.

The worker who asked to remain anonymous said that Dr Mumba is failing to live within his means, by attracting unnecessary costs because of his appetite to live a lavish life like the days when he was still the MMD President were he had put himself on a salary.

“Ba Boss owes everyone money now, he has forgotten that he is no longer Vice President of Zambia when he used to live a good life, our party MMD where he used to make some money has been grabbed from us by Edgar Lungu and RB and given to Felix Mutati.

“He has not paid the workers for months and the house where he stays in Midway in Kabulonga  is for rent and he has not paid for 3months it’s K35,000 per month, the security company Torres has also threatened to withdraw because of non-payments. So katwishi where we are going,we have lawyers from Gorge Kunda’s law firm that have actually threatened to send bailiffs on him and the so called NEC members are all broke they can’t source for money to fight for our MMD,” said the worker.

He also said Dr Mumba’s wife has told her husband to stop fighting UPND’s battles because the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema is not helping him with the bills for lawyers.

“You think Simeza was sick, it’s not true it was money that’s why our case couldn’t take off.   Ba boss was told that needs to leave this UPND business all else we are in problems, UPND guys don’t even help us because they are busy with Petitions and don’t want another burden,” he said.


  1. And he sold the house a certain white man gave him in kitwe when he went into politics and forgetting his calling