UPND shocked ERB has increased fuel prices

fuel shortage queue
fuel shortage queue

The opposition UPND has described as shocking the announced increases in the price of pump fuel in the Country.

The UPND is wondering why the ruling PF did not tell the Zambian people during the campaigns of the August 11th general elections that prices of fuel would increase shortly after the elections.

And UPND Lusaka District youth wing vice Secretary Otis Bwalya says in spite of the fact that the hiked prices of fuel will result in an increase in the cost of living and poverty in the Country, his party feels vindicated that this has happened.

Mr. Bwalya says the UPND knew that the ruling PF was lying to the people and that things would get worse in the Country if it is allowed to govern for another term as is the case now.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Bwalya states that such turn of events should thus serve as an eye opener to youths in the Country to be very careful which party to put in government next time.