Concourt judges should resign on moral grounds

Vernon Mwaanga
Vernon Mwaanga

Veteran Politician Vernon Mwaanga has described the decision by the Constitutional court not to hear the presidential election petition filed by the UPND as a constitutional coup.

Dr. Mwaanga has since demanded that the judges resign on moral grounds for gross misconduct He says the judges have proved to the Zambian people and the world at large that they do not understand their duties and responsibilities. Dr Mwaanga says it is sad that the Constitutional Court decided to dismiss the petition before it could be heard.




  1. What of you, did you resign, in fact chika…, go and apologise to upnd of what you did in 2001

  2. vj,you failed mazoka,sata on so many times,we all know now its time for you to shut up you stole their votes you did not even apologised to them or zambians.i think you have outlived your usefulness and you have become big headed.

    • Evas..not only that…he has failed himself , what do you expect from a man who can’t manage himself….always want to be a middle man kalyamo at 70 useless