President Edgar Lungu with PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Justice Ngosa Simbyakula on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on February 1,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Justice Ngosa Simbyakula on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on February 1,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Lusaka, July 9, 2016– The Patriotic Front (PF) wishes to condemn the sensless
violence perpertrated by the United Party for National Development (UPND)yesterday. Our politics this week fell to deplorable levels when police
were attacked by UPND thugs who staged an illegal procession in the heart of the central business district of Lusaka at the peak of evening traffic. It is frightening to see political party members armed with all manner of dangerous weapons attacking not just the police but innocent motorists who
refused to be drawn into the illegal procession they staged.

As the ruling party, we are extremely saddened by this continued escalation of political violence being waged by the UPND. We have reports that the
UPND, on whom it has dawned that they will lose the August 11 elections, have been having clandestine meetings where they have mooted plans to destabilise peace in order to make the country ungovernable ahead of the

The top echelons of the UPND understands what is in stock for for them on August 11 and have therefore instructed its membership to wage illegal
protests and gatherings in order to derail the August 11 polls. The UPND has targeted Lusaka and the Copperbelt in its quest to make Zambia ungovernable but still point their dirty finger at President Edgar Lungu’s
government. The UPND violence Southern Province where they are beating up PF members who attempt to put up any mobilisation activities is not only shameful but a danger to democracy.

This scheme is meant to instil fear in people thereby causing apathy in our strongholds as we head into the elections so that their perceived strongholds, which will be relatively peaceful, will then have higher voter turnout.

We know that the UPND want to dispute the election results and are now trying hard to psych-up both the Zambians and the international community. The UPND also wants to make the political atmosphere unpalatable during elections and post-electoral period so that the international community can
suggest a coalition government of the opposition party with PF.

Despite paying lip service to denouncing political violence, the UPND has allowed its members to carry weapons including guns to attack PF members. The latest clash between Police and UPND members on Kafue road yesterday was planned well ahead with the view of justifying the unfounded
allegations that PF is a violent and intolerant party when in actual sense it is the UPND members who have always been the aggressors.

Contrary to what is being reported on some UPND online media, UPND cadres fired live ammunition and all sorts of missiles at the police officers. As PF, we are not surprised at the continued fears by the opposition that the ruling PF will rig this year’s elections. The UPND using discredited media houses have been making unfounded accusations of rigging so as to drag citizens in its crusade of derailing the election process.

We would once more like to remind the citizens that they should guard
against being hoodwinked by UPND’s illicit crusade as this is being orchestrated by the opposition party on realising that their leader, Hakainde Hichilema and his followers will soon be history after the August 11 elections that will mark the fifth defeat for him. It is puzzling that while the UPND are throwing around all these allegations of
rigging and other perceived electoral issues, they have continued participating in the campaigns, of course with the view of contesting the elections.

As PF, we are going into this election confident of victory which is hinged on the solid infrastructural development that has endeared it to the populace as
well as President Lungu’s enviable governance record that has seen Zambia make giant strides towards democracy and the rule of law.

Davies Chama

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