Christians dont behave like Lungu – UPND

President Lungu
President Lungu - Political ethics in a Christian nation

There is nothing christian about Edgar Lungu. His excesses and heavy handedness do not depict christian behaviour. In fact this is tantmount to mocking God. Christians prefer others before themselves but Lungu can stop at nothing to ensure that he retains power next month.

There were no security concerns that police had about us holding our rallies in Chawama and Kanyama. If there are any such conerns let the police state these concerns now. The only thing that is there is that Edgar Lungu and his minions do not want us to campaign. They have seen for themselves how unpopular they have become.

Honestly speaking Edgar Lungu is not interested in anyone else but himself. He is on recording as having said ”dont vote for HH and GBM because they are already rich”. For him it is all about wealth, his wealth! No wonder he has become a millionaire in the space of less than two years. While other presidents, the world over, loose weight as they grapple with issues facing their countries, our own President Edgar Lungu is becoming fat! And how many people increase in weight in their sixities?

He sacrificed 1000 jobs at the Post newspaper because he felt the Post was threatening his hold on power. Now he is crumping down on any printing company they suspect of aiding the Post. It does not matter to them how many mouths those companies are helping to feed, as long as Edgar Lungu stays in statehouse after 11 August. What a selfish leader!

Now it has taken him to killing.

Edgar Lungu knows very well that these things he and his minions are doing are against our constitution which he swore to up hold. They are dressing cadres in police uniform which in itself is a crime. Our constitution states that Zambia is a mult party democracy. So the very first act of undermining multi politics is a treasonable act.

Today they are hiding behind statehouse, police uniform and the barrel of the gun. But one day these things will be removed from them, where will they hid? People are watching, the International community is watching. Umulandu taubola.

We hope the so called ‘christians for Lungu’ will advise him that God almighty is aganist the spillage of blood. The blood of Able cried before God day and night, crying for revenge. Today it is the blood of Mapenzi Chibulo crying before God. Mapenzi, a young mother whom they have killed in cold blood.