Suspend PF & UPND – Nawakwi

UPND Mandevu Constituency tour disrupted by unruly PF Cadres, June 16th 2016
UPND Mandevu Constituency tour disrupted by unruly PF Cadres, June 16th 2016

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has been called upon to consider suspending the ruling PF and the opposition UPND from contesting the August general elections.
The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi says it is these two political parties her party has observed are clearly the most violent.

Ms. Nawakwi says it is a well known fact that the two parties are the ones that are perpetrating vice hence the need for the ECZ to disqualify them from contesting the elections.
She states that the ECZ should be bold enough in pointing out the ruling PF and the opposition UPND as opposed to claiming that it does not know which political parties are causing violence.

Ms. Nawakwi believes that Satan has allegedly found home in the two political parties, adding that Zambians should be urged not to vote for them as they will allegedly turn Zambia into turmoil.
She was speaking this morning at a media briefing held in Lusaka this morning.
And Ms. Nawakwi has condemned the opposition UPND for allegedly attacking her party’s candidate in for Namwala Parliamentary election Charity Kabongomana.


  1. True madam nawakwi,why is ECZ not coming out tobprove what they are worth? V t sad they can’t coz they r playing on govt fingers

  2. Brainless at its best. Very dull woman i didn’t know that she can be that dull.
    “Vote 4 upnd & save Zambia”

  3. No need, pf should jst stop sending their cadres to attack upnd members, all this violence nonsense will be a thing of a past. We all know pf is the one which is violent and their target being upnd coz it is their threat. Nawakwi u are nowhere near so jst shut your mouth if u cant say the truth.