‘HH pressured to adopt GBM’ – Siliya [updated]

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya


Hello friends,
Now that the Presidential nominations are over I cant help but to comment on the running mates. In our system, the Vice President’s role is to head Government business in the National Assembly and once in a while act for the Presidency. It was always clear that EL was going to ran with Bo Inonge, continuing his public commitment to Women leadership.

She also, as expected, revealed intelligence, was witty and most of all mature and calm in the last Parliament. EL set the bar very high for the PF, calling for women and youths to participate and placing a premium on education by sticking to the grade 12 clause in the new Constitution. After all, if politics is managing Citizens lives, in a complex World, then it follows, that Politicians must have a minimum set of skills.

I have just been told UPND has gone with GBM as running mate. Its seems to most of us that the decision is under duress and quite contentious within the UPND. Some allege HH felt GBM would have been more destructive had he left him out than biting the bullet of his being the unpreferred running mate. There others who also claim HH will still pay a high price with GBM since he has ignored those who supported him unconditionally like Canicius. And even new comers like Scott and Miles hoped they would be running mates.

Clearly many Zambians are still waiting to see what minimum qualifications GBM has submitted to the returning officer. The new Constitution provides for a Vice President who can not be replaced by the President. All I can say is that the difference between the PF and UPND is stark clear. Its even more so between the leadership style of EL and HH.

The PF President has been decisive in his choice of running mate, campaign manifesto, adoption process and even team building there after. HH though has been pushed in a corner by the ‘newcomers’ who most analysts say have hurt HH more than build him. Even die hard supporters questioned HH alliance with Nevers calling it too desparate in trying to get the northern vote. I cant wait to see how it all plays out.
God bless.


  1. Aaaaaaahhhhh the Political Prostitute Is Back Dora Siliti Zambia Open Kip on critising As we Are Moving Forward

  2. the fear in this woman and these other vocal politicians is that GBM wont handle them with kid gloves he will make sure that they are locked in if upnd forms government after 11th August. everyone knows that HH will be gentle he might even forget the nonsense that people are doing now.but GBM stands for an eye for eye.the free accommodation they have been giving him in Police stations he’ll definitely reciprocate to that good gesture.

  3. Tilyenji Kaunda has also a running mate, mind you? Why are you quiet about him? Do you even know Peter Sinkamba’s running mate? Why always HH and his running mate GBM?

  4. What’s wrong with this prostitutes; she keeps farting. And if HH was pressured to adopt GBM, so what? How is it your business? However, we know it pains you because you thought you UPND would crumble. Shame on you prophets of doom. Chili hule iwe.

  5. Am getting agitated hearing same stories GBM this HH that y should it bother other political parties so much mpaka litente concentrate on yo campaigns whether HH was under pressure to appoint Mr mwamba that’s non of yo business. HH foward and ECL sonta apo wabombele that’s the way to go,..kill yo selves and come 11 August we all know where to cast our votes.HH I loveu and ECL I love u too

  6. Why is it that GEM is giving people sleepless nights? ls it not fair for people to mind the troubles in their own homes rather than be concerned with those in other homes of which they have no control over?