Mulenga Sata, the most ungrateful person in this country

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Mulenga Sata must be one of the most ungrateful persons in this country. Of all the injudicious reasons for defecting, Mulenga Sata’s wins the prize for being the most otiose.

His own father did not appoint him into government perhaps knowing the sort of person he was. But Edgar Lungu nominated him to Parliament and made him deputy minister at state house and later provincial minister for Lusaka and now he can claim to have been sidelined by Edgar Lungu.

To add insult to injury he even suggests that his father is turning in his grave for MMD infiltration into PF when he Mulenga is joining people who insulted him personally.
Barely two years ago, the mentor he is following, Guy Scott, stated publicly that Mulenga could not succeed his father because his mother was of Malawian origin and therefore according to the Constitution he could not stand as President.

This statement came from indications that Mulenga was harbouring ambitions of becoming state President soon after his father had passed away.
How many people have forgotten that as President Sata’s body was being ferried to Lusaka, cadres wearing T shirts bearing ‘Mulenga for President’ message were on display.
This was highly unseemly, inappropriate and in very bad taste and should have been stopped because Zambia is not a monarchy where sons succeed.

When asked about this untimeliness Mulenga Sata is reported to have said that he was ready to succeed his father who mentored him not to shy away from challenges and asked about youths that were chanting slogans suggesting that he must contest the presidency Mulenga is reported to have said, “These things happen, you have heard my name being proposed here, it is politics. I have been mentored in the school of Sata not to shy away. So why not?”
The other reason given by Mulenga regarding the delay in swearing him in is equally otiose because he is not the only provincial minister that has not been sworn in as yet. His lack of patience speaks volumes of his character.

There is no doubt that President Lungu must have been positioning him for the Executive Mayor portfolio, which he aspired for and should therefore have exercised an amount of trust and confidence in the President who had elevated him through the ranks to the position of minister.
It is regrettable that in leaving the PF Sata could even scandalise the economic programme of the PF which was championed by his father and which the government is currently trying to manage given the current socio political and economic circumstances.

However, the worst and most illogical statement is the one parroting Guy Scott’s assertion that PF has been taken over by MMD when the so-called defectors are joining UPND which has its own seasoned and long standing members who have stood with HH for years and are now being eclipsed by these staged defections.
The truth is that chickens will soon come home to roost and those who invest in ingrates will suffer the pain and consequences of their failure to judge character.

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  1. His Father did not want to ne dragged into cheap Politiking of being accused of appointing his own.He at least showed character by letting Mulenga find his feet Politicaly.
    And in a small way he became mayor of lusaka.He did not beg for that Ministerial job unless am not privy to cetain infor.It was purely a gimmick by Elder Lungu to win kudos from the general populace.

    He has realised the suffering of the majority and known that he must put People first before self.

    Its not being ungratefull but a realisation of the truth.I urge the Author to reflect and see if indeed this is the Zambia you want to leave for your children and grand ones.Go out in the Compounds and see how our people have become worse destitutes.Cry my beloved Country.

    • His a jumping kangaroo with no academic credentials to back him up. Since as a country we ve moved on its hard luck for him he must improve and prove himself

  2. Mabvuto simalilo yokha, nayo aya nimabvuto. As Patrick Mwanawasa junior, he knows better.

  3. Woooooow am wondering and asking myself pipo ar saying no his not a factor while ar others ar saying his a factor,well i will tell u something this man his truely a factor reason been is that if u ar not a factor there wont talk abut you bt since you ar a factor n important pipo will talk n talk.well we say that Zambia is a free nation were anyone is free to joint the party of there choice which is very true n very right therefore this man is a grown up who thinks n knw wat is GOOD and BAD,so why shuld his choice make you say this n that give the man a break.Were is it writen that joining the party of yo choice is a crime were?mmmm talk all u wnt the man has join the UPND he wnt to move forward becoz his forward n you who are saying his ungreatful u ar behide,

  4. mulenga cares about us ordinary citizens while the so called loyalists care about the party.

  5. Kkkkkk.. I think Zambia is actually partly Malawi. However, If I were Mulenga, I should have just remained quiet and calm. edgar is a fair gentleman. Let them not worry about MMD. They are following their brothers in PF.

  6. @ ze most ungratiful…………….in zambia. But stil 2 me he is not a factor, he is one of bamuselela kwa kaba like daniel …….kutomola ndzina nikulakwa

  7. “You can only fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time, – Bob Marley.”
    We know why he was given the job at State House; To keep him where he could be watched!

  8. Do u know how the word “most ” is used? Last week it was G scott who was the most, today another most!!! Disgusting english!!!

  9. Who is going to be grateful GBM was not grateful Gay Scott was not grateful miles Sampa was not grateful Mwaliteta was not grateful who ever quite for upnd to you is not a factor IF 2MORO LUNGU QUITES HE IS GOING TO BE NOT GRATEFUL AND NOT A FACTOR…HOW CAN YOU HONESTLY TALK RUBBISH ABOUT GUY SCOTT WHO MADE YOU TO BE WHAT YOU AR 2DE BY FORMING PF PARTY THAT U BOST OF 2DE…INSONI EBUNTU.

  10. Kkkkkkk reasons of defection can never make some1 be a non factor!!!!!!

    Imwe tu pfool bitterness will kill u!am sure even yo own visionless leader if he were to join UPND today u will say he is not a factor no wonder he has failed the zambian pipo!

  11. so the all month the story and headline wll be on mulenga sata? leave hm alone u hv told us that he was not a factor in pf let hm make a factor in upnd.

  12. let him B,he knws that 1day he’ll face judgement from Almighty God. stop stealing frm the poor pipo. B wise coz dayz re numbered.

  13. Reasons these guys r giving for defecting PF is not making any sense at all, it is no wonder pf is saying they r not factors

  14. Mulenga Sata was until yesterday labeled a non factor in PF. But why is everyone now in PF up in arms mourning & bitterly wailing about the ‘non factor’s’ defection to the UPND? I wonder o!

  15. Mulenga is #LOST he thought “ifya ba Daddy” will make him have any Position in PF now joining UPND led by The Cartel.

  16. Thts Zambian Politics for us we only see d headline he has joined UPND yet we forget how ungreatful he is I somtimz think he & Miles Sampa wished d lates to die so tht d wud take ova its either thos who wanted to be President in PF eg Guy scott or Miles Sampa GBM evn Mulenga Sata are defecting to UPND bcz of envy other are leavin bcz of Grade 12 issues. As for Mulenga its both cz watchdog reported tht his grade 12 Certificate was dennied by ECZ

    • Guy Scott has a doctorate, Bob Sichinga is a Havard Graduate, Keith Mukata is a lawyer & Mulenga Sata is a Civil engineer graduate. What G12 are you talking about??