Mulenga Sata’s defection shows serious PF intra-party cracks

President Lungu greets State House deputy minister Mulenga Sata shortly before departure at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport for Angola on February 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

By David Zulu

Whichever way the PF will try to interpret it, the defection of Mulenga Sata is a serious haemorrhagical avalanche against the Party.

MULENGA Sata is not a “non factor” member of the PF for heaven’s sake. He is a Sata. That’s not ordinary for crying out aloud!

Further, he is a former Minister of State House, an institution President Lungu heads, and was until today the Provincial Minister of Lusaka Province, a Province that hosts the seat of Government which includes State House.

My question. How on earth would you call the defection of the son of the founder of the Governing Party, the former Minister inside the President’s ‘Bedroom’ (State House) and the current Minister of a Province that hosts the seat of Government and State House, a “non factor”? Are you kidding?

This is no ordinary action,it’s absolutely extraordinary by any measurement or standards.

We await the next move.