Simataa ‘red carded’

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The Football Association of Zambia Executive Committee says Simataa Simataa cannot be considered for the position of General Secretary because he faces FAZ/FIFA Disciplinary action.

FAZ Vice President Richard Kazala says Simataa has no support from the Executive Committee.

Kazala has since dispelled media reports suggesting that Simataa has been appointed FAZ General Secretary taking over from George Kasengele.

He said according to the constitution the General Secretary of FAZ shall be employed by the FAZ Executive Committee on conditions to be determined and agreed on by the Executive Committee.

Kazala says the Executive Committee has not met to deliberate over the appointment of the General Secretary.

He added that the FAZ president has not proposed any name before the executive committee as required by the constitution.

Kazala said this in a statement released to ZNBC .