Ladies OVERJOYED as Prophet LAUNCHES anointed soap that lures men and brings back lost lovers



A HARARE prophet claims to have anointed soaps for his female followers which enables them to lure men into love relationships.

Prophet Tapiwa Freddy of Goodness and Mercy Ministries officially unveiled the anointed soaps to his congregants last Friday.

The Man of God whose church is located opposite Glen View 8 Poly Clinic, claimed among other things that the soap was capable of, it can also lure lost lovers. ‘All married women your prayed have been heard,if your husband is cheating on you and even if he has lost interest in you se_xually your anointed soap is the answer.

“All you have to do is wash your underwear with that soap or simply bath yourself,make sure the soap passes where he has lost interest and you will definitely come back with a testimony.

“To the singles if you are unlucky in love,anointed soap is the answer,you will find men approaching you,they will see you attractive and beautiful.

“Ugly women will be married this season because of what God will be doing through anointed soaps, ” he said.

During the service,congregants had different types of soaps which they wanted the prophet to pray for them so that they may be converted into supernatural soaps.

Male followers of the prophet were also promised spiritual spectacles which would enable them to see supernaturally if they use the anointed soaps.

Prophet Freddy

Speaking to H-Metro after the service prophet Freddy said. “I use anointed soaps because God instructed me to do so,these are soaps that they brought and all I did was anoint them. “God has his way of doing things depending on the situation,Prophet Elisha used a stick that the axe may be recovered from a river in 2 Kings Chapter 6 verse 6.

“At one stage our master Jesus spat on the ground and made clay of the spittle,and anointed the eyes of a blind man. “A prophet acts upon the word spoken to him by God and that word will produce results.

“What is important is telling the congregants not to rely on the anointed soaps but rather to rely on God who anoints the soaps.

“I am sure that a lot of testimonies will come from those who have their anointed soaps,”he said.



  1. The holy spirit will enable you decern the false prophets, surely that is a prophet of doom.who must perish in hell unless he repent and turn to holiness of God.

  2. But I see different kinds of soap in the ladies hands.
    Even the chick soap bar or solo

  3. Ifyabupuba!!!!I wonder how shallow some people are that they fall victim of such ungodly acts with so much naivity.
    False prophets are so common now and leading people astray.All they preach about is being succesful and having what you want,yet without the rightousness of the Lord almighty.
    Please people be careful,these hypocrites keep decieving you.

  4. Ladies must bath to be attractive this false prophet is just using his intelligence kkkkk

  5. The more the Bible is made available to the masses for good news, the more people divet from it and start listening to the yapping dogs.

  6. kkkk….yaaa…am not surprised…..prophet Bushiri once dd that here in his home country…Malawi….am tellin u…many of his followers bought the soap and oil…..but they ddnt work…kkk..
    and now these women…are doing the same….

    Women…Read ur bibles

  7. The end is here. But this is too much one dosen’t need to struggle to know if such is a true prophet or false one. Ladies wake up before its too late

  8. kupena uko. total madness no mungula we need people to have proper education regarding this prophets

  9. In Europe ….While I was there. ..lots of blacks thot laying a white woman was the ultimate achievement. …how stupid.
    Sex is the the same no matter who!!!!
    Conquest. …

  10. I now agree ignorance is more expensive than education. Do all these people have Bibles? It is there in black and white ati kunshita sha mpela abengi bakeshila mwishina lyandi bakalafumya ingulu nokubdapa amalwele, ukucita ifipapwa mwishina lyandi eco weulebelenga wiluke. Nomba that is when they are lifting their cursed soap mumulu. Kabelengeni fipingo mwebantu plishi twapapata.

  11. Aaaah …prophets are uneducated pple…They prey on anyone who is stupid enough like church gowers .
    Jesus was not African.
    A conquered culture adopts a conquerer ‘s ways.right up to the believing its holy to be born in a donkey kraal.
    Is this real?

  12. Emungulu ndadapo uyum this idiot called a prophet brings you fi gesha nafi Romance soap ati dig deeper papa! I would love to slap the stupidity out if the congregants and smash the lying devil out of the foolish profita!!

  13. false prophet! And those women have loose screws in their heads. If the marriage is on rocks get on your knees and pray not that soap issue which ain’t true unless you believe in wizards and witches. Women women get real Jesus is the answer.

    • People they now believe in mediums like annointing water, soap etc than Worshipping Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  14. Ubu ebushilu mumfwa. Please prophets I urge you to go back to the first Love. Love the Lord with all your heart and with all your Soul.
    Then preach salvation to all the nations and bring many to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ not these stories please I beg you

  15. kayafye abana #mayo besu aba they have even reached at an extent were everything is possible or point of no return,as it was quoted thaat:during the #end of time we’re going to be witnessing a lot of issues i.e force prophets,pastors or preachers…abana bakwalesa isalapukeni.

  16. women che..? kuwayawayafwe thy are so desperate to everything. women this woman that. ha.

  17. Annointing oil will be better than soap (James 5:13-14). First time to hear about anointed soap.