UPND is not Violent – Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema
Politician and businessman Hakainde Hichilema


We are appalled by the hypocritical and double standards exhibited by President Edgar Lungu when it comes to violence. It is dangerous to have a President who only sees violence when it involves alleged opposition party members. Two weeks ago our members were savagely attacked in Sinda constituency under his watch, he was mute. Miles Sampa was attacked at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport, he was mute. When Grayzier Matapa was murdered President Lungu mocked the incident. Davies Chama, his Secretary General shot someone in Mulobezi; Kaizer Zulu produced a gun in a public place and the man was mute. UPND offices in Mongu and Kitwe were damaged by known PF people, Lungu was quiet. Kapwepwe his own cadres was beaten at his watch for simply telling President Lungu that he was the only one enjoying himself. We can go on and on but this is not the subject of this statement.

Now we hear him issuing stern instructions to police to arrest anyone perpetuating violence for political ends. This is after it is alleged that UPND cadres attacked some people that were attending his meetings in Bweengwa. Let me assure President Lungu and the Inspector General of Police that should any of those people perpetuating violence be linked to UPND, I will personally deal with those cases and condemn them publicly; that is leadership. UPND members carry cards, and I am challenging police to produce those people and their card numbers and we will deal with those cases decisively. We do not condone violence, even when we are faced with machete wielding assailants we have told our cadres to leave the scene rather than leave a bloody scene. Unlike the PF which is arming its cadres and dressing them in military attire while the President plays blind to this reality, we are peaceful.

President Lungu’s legacy in the country will be that of hatred and bloodshed in our once peaceful country. Watch these upcoming months leading to the elections, watch the behaviour of his party PF. He has challenged me to deal with the cadres and I repeat let the President and the IG show me any of those people, and once it is established that they are our cadres, we will take decisive action. I am also challenging President Lungu and the IG to cage their unruly cadres some of whom were seen as late as Wednesday last week breaking all the traffic rules while police watched helplessly. “He who comes to equity, must come with clean hands.” Zambians know which party is violent and they will take action to bury that party come 11th August 2016.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


    (1) Engagements ………12%.
    (2) Heart breaks ……..95%.
    (3) Wife caught cheating ……..69%.
    (4) Husband caught cheating ……79%.
    (5) Condom sales ………99%
    (6) Fast food sales ……..89%
    (7) Visit to Motherless Babys’ Homes, prisoners/
    cells, beggars/destitutes ………2%.
    (8) Girls in hospital over Love……..50%
    (9) Boys in hospital over Love…….5%
    (10) Girls arrested for fighting over
    (11) Boys arrested for fighting over
    (12) Husbands beating wives in
    public……. 804 counted.
    (13) Pregnancy ……… 39,572.
    (14) Number of switched off phones on Feb 14
    2016….. 9 million .
    We are still taking statistics….
    I will keep you all Updated
    Val is still on…
    I wish you all the best

  2. Disappointed citizen. Violence should condemned by all meaning ful Zambian. This is a problem of having a party president being republican president, because always he is trying to protect his party not Zambia as country.