No One Can Defeat Me Even If We Had A Convention Next Month – Nevers Mumba

Nevers Sekwila Mumba
Nevers Sekwila Mumba

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba says that nobody can defeat him for the party presidency even if a convention was called next month. And Dr. Mumba has declared that MMD is more united today than ever before.

Addressing party officials in Serenje on Saturday as part of the ongoing mobilization tours, Dr. Mumba said the confusion which rocked the party ahead of the Presidential by-election last year was no more because all genuine members were back from the parties they supported. He said Zambians should realise that the former ruling party was the most organised party and that there was no need to hate each other. Dr. Mumba said MMD officials should love one another in order to achieve the best result in the 2016 general elections.

“Those that are calling for the convention, they cannot defeat me even if we called for the MMD convention next month. I am here to tell you that there are some people who want to fight us after they failed to be with us in the last election. The procedure they are using is retrogressive,” said Dr. Mumba.

He said true leaders and members of MMD should always be humble and supportive adding that some of the challenges the party was facing was as a result of having officials and members who were double dealing. Dr. Mumba said he was a democratic leader because he was brought in through a democratic process in 2012.

He said the demands for the convention were not genuine as they were aimed at dividing the party. Dr. Mumba said MMD would not die and those who wanted to form their own parties should do so as it was their democratic right. He said party officials should know that whenever there was new leadership, some people leave while some remain.

The meeting was attended by all the MMD senior officials from three constituencies and 9 councilors.

And National Treasurer Elizabeth Chitika also addressed MMD party officials from Central Province and asked them to support their president as opposed to working with rebel MPs. She said it was sad that some former ruling party officials supported a named opposition party leader in the 20th January 2015 presidential by-election.

Ms. Chitika said some selfish people were fighting the leadership of the party after their quest to hand the former ruling party to other opposition parties failed. She said the party was united as exhibited by the large number of officials attending meetings called by the MMD president.

Ms. Chitika added that there was no need for true MMD members to leave the party if they wanted their party president Dr Mumba to win the election. She said there was need for party members to be strong in mobilisation in order for the MMD to be ready for the coming election.

And at the same meeting, MMD Serenje District Chairman Rocky Pondala said there was need for serious mobilisation with the support of the party leadership. Mr. Pondala said the officials in the district will prepare adequately ahead of the August 11th general election.

He also said the province and all the districts were in agreement with the proposed PF-MMD alliance, adding that progressive political parties should think of working together now rather than later.