Zambia student abducted, initiated into satanism

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

A twenty-two-year-old grade twelve pupil of Mkushi Copper Mine Boarding School in Central Province who had gone missing in mysteriously circumstances for over nine months has been found.
Emmanuel Chola went missing from school on 11th April 2015 and was only found on 10th January this year.
Central Province Commissioner of Police Lombe Kamukoshi who confirmed the development to ZANIS said Emmanuel was found in Lusaka selling merchandise in some shop.
Ms. Kamukoshi alleged the boy was abducted and initiated into Satanism as he appeared confused and did not know his whereabouts.
The Central Province Police Commissioner stated that Emanuel was found with copious tattoo markings engraved on his body.
Ms. Kamukosi said Emmanuel has since been admitted to Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital where his condition is being assessed.
“Yes we have located and recovered the boy and we have launched investigations into the matter. As at now the boy is being treated and assessed by medical experts at Kapiri Mposhi Hospital as he is still in a confused state and not talking and he is always collapsing when he sees the mother,” Ms. Kamukoshi said.
Ms. Kamukoshi said the police are on the look out and have beefed up security at the ward where the victim is being treated.
“We are still carrying out investigations and we are aware that anything is possible with this case so we have provided security around the admission ward,” Ms. Kamukoshi said.
And the mother to the victim said her son has been unwell ever since he was recovered.
She appealed to government and the church to assist her child get better so that he could continue with his education.
The disappearance of Emmanuel caused chaos late last year after word went round that he had been initiated into satanism.
The villagers accused some teachers at Mkushi Copper Mine Boarding School of being behind the scheme to initiate pupils into satanism.
The villagers ran amok looting school property that included computers, school mattresses and destroyed window panes and some classroom blocks at the institution.
32 people were arrested and charged in connection with the riotous behaviour and are appearing in court.
Meanwhile, Central Province Minister Davies Chisopa has advised and cautioned members of the public against destroying public property whenever they are aggrieved.
Mr. Chisopa, who visited Emmanuel at Kapiri Mposhi district Hospital today, said government was spending lots of money to put up public infrastructure such as schools for the benefit of its people.
“Now that the boy has been found, we expect people not to attach emotions to similar situations in future but to approach each case with civility,” Mr. Chisopa said.


  1. He without sin cast the first stone… most Zambians are subconscious satanists and they don’t even know it: I mean, people lie, steal, kill and destroy their neighbors on a daily basis as opposed to the golden rule. Do unto others…