Frank Bwalya’s Misguided Attacks on HH – UPND

Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya


When Frank Bwalya appeared on radio Phoenix ‘let the people talk’ show soon after forming his party ABZ, he said these words; ‘Hakainde musuma, Hakainde mubotu, mubotu, mubotu’

Frank Bwalya was given an hour to talk about what PF has done and what did he do? Started attacking HH and not attacking the ideas that HH brought up. Frank Bwalya did not give anything worth talking about. But because even where an idiot speaks, he could have followers. Frank Bwalya is what Josef Gobbels was in the Nazi Government. Frank Bwalya will not say anything new, he is calling HH all sorts of things. Frank Bwalya’s show was simply a name calling session, devoid of anything substantive.

Frank Bwalya is a simple liar, he lied about almost everything he mentioned. Frank Bwalya wants people to believe that half a constitution even when you have the ability to give people a full constitution, you should give them half and they should accept. We call that taking people for granted! Frank Bwalya and his Government are blaming everyone else for the problems the country is facing but themselves. Frank Bwalya has no children and probably this is the reason he does not understand human needs.

Frank Bwalya wants people to believe that poverty equals humility. He even quotes scripture that Jesus said the poor will always be there. Is this what being a propoor Government means? Keeping the poor, poor? Frank Bwalya thinks people will eat bitumen in place of nshima. They will take their children to university using tar roads. This is how clueless chipantepante Governments work. They thrive on name calling to silence their opponents because they think by silencing their opponents they would convince people.

People of Zambia are no longer gullible Frank Bwalya, whether you call HH names like you chose to do on radio, today, that will not make mealie meal any cheaper. It will not stop loadshedding. The man has no solutions. PF think that people can listen to you on hungry stomachs? When PF took over fertiliser was 195, fertiliser is now 400 kwacha a 50kg, and Frank Bwalya can show up and start calling HH names, a man who simply stated the truth. Frank Bwalya wants to tell us Edgar gave the people a constitution? What constitution, what real power have people got? Frank Bwalya’s relatives can go to hospital needing ARVs, they can be told, the hospital has no ARVs and they can do nothing. Yet progressive states like Brazil have a full legal department that assists people in litigations should Government fail to provide essential drugs! This is what Edgar and Frank Bwalya are now denying the people of Zambia. The people of Zambia will continue wallowing in poverty because they are deliberately being hoodwinked by sweet talkers like Frank Bwalya. Be very aware Zambians, this is Donchi Kubeba reloaded!