Top Chipolopolo Transfers and players Statuses

Zesco's Winston Kalengo
Winston Kalengo

Top Chipolopolo Transfers

  1. Winston Kalengo joins Ac Leopald of Congo Brazzaville,from Zesco Unite FC.
  2. Aaron Katebe joins Zanaco FC,following termination of contract with Moghreb Tetouan of Morocco.
  3. Kondwani Mtonga returns to Zesco United FC,after a year loan deal with Indian side Noth-East United FC.
  4. Christopher Munthali joins Nkana FC,from Power Dynamos FC.
  5. Conlyde Luchanga Joins Power Dynamos FC,from Lusaka Dynamos FC.
  6. Jackson Mwanza stays at Zesco United FC following failure by the Thailand side to clear him on visa and work permit.
  7. Mwila Phiri Jnr joins Zesco United FC,from Green Eagles FC.
  8. Cliffordd Mulenga released by Zesco United FC.
  9. Jonas Sakuwaha returns to Tp Mazembe of DR Congo,following a year long loan deal at Zesco United FC.
  10. Nyambe Mulenga set to start training with Zesco United FC,subject to review.
  11. Kapota Kayawe set to resume light training at Nkana FC towards the end of January,subject to review.
  12. Charles Zulu set to attend trials at French League 2 sides Sochaux and Nantes;and expected to travel on 7th January 2016.
  13. Justin Zulu ineligible to play for Zesco United,still serving Fifa ban after breach of contract against an Israel side.


1. Gift Sakuwaha join Zanaco,from Forest Rangers.

2. Logic Ching’andu joins Zanaco, from Forest Rangers.

3. Derrick Mwansa joins Zanaco,from Nkwazi.

4. Richard Kasonde joins Zanaco,from Nkana.

5. Saith Sakala joins Zanaco,from Napsa Stars.

6. Fashion Sakala joins Zanaco,from Nchanga Rangers.

7. Innocent Mwaba joins Forest Rangers from Zesco United FC.

8. Chishimba Changala returns to Nkwazi,from Zesco United.

9. Laurent Muma joins Power Dynamos, from Forest Rangers.

10. Kobe Chipeta joins Forest Rangers,from Power Dynamos.

11. Chrispin Mulenga joins Forest Rangers,from Power Power Dynamos.

Gift Sakuwaha
Gift Sakuwaha

FOREIGN PLAYERS JOINING ZSL (Particularly Zesco United FC):

  1. Jesse Jackson Were(Kenya).
  2. Anthony Akumu Gay(Kenya).
  3. Ben Adam Bahn(Ivory Coast).
  4. Idriss Illunga Mbombo(DR Congo).


  1. Kalengo z ageing nd he hasn’t made enough mura,let him make some money,he knows he has only little tym to play b4 his legs gets tired,he has worked really hard its high tym he put da love of football aside kupangako ka money bane nshamuseke.

  2. Winston kalengo should have gone to Tp Mazembe or South Africa and not congo brazaville mwebantu sure!

  3. Congo Brazzaville really!what football is there.our Zambian players sure.what kind of BS is that. Its so sad…..ati ma professional

  4. Kalengo way of scoring was just a goal in a game ,was just consistence and was ba Kalu and yet we forget the passes from to make a hero like passes from Charles Musonda Debby Makinka, Wizz, Bubble, And like to make Kalu a hero! So is Kalengo without those who can read his game, Congo B is his best choice than Europe or South, shame on us than him anyway!

  5. The problem with zambian players is that once they are at the peak of their careers they decide to leave. Why not stay in the league with your quality and attract investors making bola yapa zed better

  6. Umusebanya Wekawekafye Ba Zambia Tamwakawinepo Muli Ba Fake Ukwambila Kuli Ba President Ukufika Nakuma prayaz Bonse Muli Ba Fake Kanofye Ifwe Ba South Africa Nifwe Twingawinafye Capwa.

  7. Zambian league has improved over the past few years, we have good tranfers happening its a sign og good things to come

  8. I thot Wingston has brains,that country they’ve nt been playn their league since 2014….that’s typical zedian player! with all that potential.


  10. Those talking abt kalengo ar still new in football. Kalengo is old that’s the best move and the offer that was available in real time not the dreams u have for him. $70,000 cut plus $10,000 monthly salary minus other bonuses like win draw etc.
    Let’s b real

  11. Chipolopolo players failing to tick ,the tick is only coming back to zambia,hahahaha chinibaba!

  12. Nonsense top scorer join club in congo sure plz faz u should guide players at south african club yes because of competitive

  13. Leopards played the champions league final in 2014 & it’s a better side than all teams in zambian league technically & financial wise

  14. Umusebanya weka wekafye!!!problem we dnt market our players lke nigeria n south african’s do wen r we goin to see our players mu BPL?nangufye mu championship sure lyonsefye ni congo elo i rily wanted to see this guy in CHAN bena babilima…A sign of poverty

  15. from hero to zero for kalengo no improvement. zambia is beter than brazzavile in all areas of football, ranking, standard, kalengo sure, u r the disgrace to zambian football.

  16. Surely Zambia’s top scorer joins Leopards in Congo, i feel their league is not as strong as ours.Kalengo shud have even gone to south Africa.For Luchanga, that’s a good move for the young man.

  17. The best Winston could have done was to participate in the CHAN tournament so that he can get more exposure and then decide there after.. Lovely updates. You should also be updating us on the progress of players outside Zambia like the Mayukas the Fwayo Tembos e t c.

  18. James banda set for trials at division one north kalulush modern stars from solwezi eagles fc

  19. Welcome to Power Dynamoes Laurant Muma. jst like I told u my boy. patience coupled with discipline is key to success in football

  20. thank God you and me have been transfered to team 2016 by our loving creator at a record fee.oh what a big chance!

  21. waya mukupwa mwaiche..what hz this congo contributed on int soccer? ukutemwa ama sausage ba kalengo…

  22. Write approprite headlines, ‘Chipolopolo Transfers,’ No. Transfers happen at club level not national level. Chipolopolo is a national team’s nick name & positions depend on form not contracts. May be use players’ nationality e.g Main Zambian Transfers

  23. i cant see any serious move.can we even be proud dat someone has sealed a deal with a congo brazaville side.


  25. Great local online news site…keep it up…nayo nayo…report ethically with a focus to build..educate and entertain…all the best in mega media shakeout for Zambia…from starting with print to online..combined. .its a great move…cheers

  26. Zambia’s player of the year and top scorer goes Ku Congo..! Really?! That’s how valuable our best players are. Or its age? Its like Jose choosing to Zambia

  27. Kalengo messed up….that is how he just fucked up his career.low aspirations low career choices.

  28. kalengo not good move in Congo no u should have stayed home i know u were desperate to play abroad

  29. Top chipolopolo transfer instead of top zambian komboni transfer.all tranfers not emotional or heart breaking.

  30. kalengo for congo sure,is this Europe,am disappointed with his quality of football to play in congo

    • He has a family to take care of. Money is primary objective and football is secondary at his age. Let him make his retirement package.

    • Playing in europe is not as easy as most of you think,its not about football at a certain age but how much your contract is worth,you dont expect him to go to Man utd if they dont bid for him,leaopards are the only team that came asking for his signature so why take it personal,let him be there please.

  31. Bryan u like political to much…kaili efili pa ground.Ba chris Munthali bachita bwino sana coz wat football z in india bane?

  32. Kalengo has gone to Congo to make money because he is old and going to Dr is the wisest thing hr has done so dont blame him

  33. Keep It Going.. What About Lusaka Tigers F.C? Any Going There? After Their Premier League Promotion..

  34. Gentlemen, this is very good to share but I would be more than happy if you can do this for flames’ players if any. This just shows that we are far much below the level of standard that we ably compete in continetal matches. Poor me and my Malawi (Flames)

  35. Nephat Ngoma Munshya Mulenga-ntanda Farai Bundo Jay Ngoma Jonathan S Tembo Emmanuel Bale Ng’andu

    • its like they fail to perfom accordingly their sir…luk at Mayuka & Mbesuma…thy got bak…how many times dd we see them play for those teamz?….

  36. I av tarent about footbal,nd I cn go far if one the team call me,nd th prblm z to th place I lv frm.

  37. Zambian players ukubilima. kalengo has made a wrong move. he should have waited a better side was going to sign him. kapena ni dollar. any way ckngrats

    • Bryan,u shud learn to ask normal questions, is da information abv all abt Zesco?

  38. For Winston k he made a wrong move because in Congo brazzv the league is not so competitive

    • One doesn’t need to play there to understand, it’s just wrong league and wrong move

    • you guys should change your minds and start looking at it like this;iwe as you’re commenting you have your own job and if offered a bigger sum of money somewhere else you will definitely go! now,ulya naena nincito ilya its not just about entertaining you guys,he’s working for his family and his future! and ba douglas who told you in brazzaville there’s no money? you think brazaville is zambia where you having half a day of loadshedding? ukose iwe

    • He’s getting paid better than what the Zambian government can offer him… Don’t forget that he’s a professional footballer which is about money

    • More in his pocket my friend than what u fool. k100,000 p/month and k700,000 sign on fee and u busy sayin rubbish.

    • K100 000 a month and you want to vomit nonsense na muzanko ati what money in Congo Brazzaville…?

    • how many pipo with so called
      education can get a k100 000/month.mind u;he is about to hang up his boots.very gud move personally

    • Nathan Mukulumoya the team in question is based in Congo Brazzaville and not the Democratic Republic of Congo. You are welcome.

    • ati wrong move AC leopards played in the CAF champs league final of 2014 what are u saying iwe?

  39. We are asking faz to improve our local league the way it was in the past so that we can keep our players in good shape

  40. point of correction brother…..
    Christopher Munthali he is still at Power Dynamos & going nowhere

  41. Ama local players are mostly haunting ZANACO but the big ones have stayed at ZESCO

  42. Ama local players are mostly haunting ZANACO but the big ones have stayed at ZESCO