President Lungu ready for 50%+1 vote

president lungu
president lungu

THE Patriotic Front (PF) is ready to contest the 2016 tripartite elections under the 50 percent-plus-one winning threshold, President Lungu has said.
Speaking in Kasama shortly before he left for Kawambwa yesterday, Mr Lungu said he is confident of victory under the majoritarian system of electing a president.
He said the PF is the only political party that is ready and formidable to win the 2016 general elections.
“We are the only party which is solid and able to form government come 2016. I will retain power with even more numbers because of the 50 percent-plus-one vote,” President Lungu said.
He said things are getting better in the PF and there is no reason for the party to lose the 2016 general elections.
And the President said he will invite all stakeholders across the country to witness his assent to the Constitution of Zambia Amendment Bill.

He said the PF government has fulfilled its promise to give the people of Zambia a constitution that they wanted.
“The PF means business and you can see what happened recently when they thought we were playing, but we gave them the constitution. Now they are backtracking and asking for some of the clauses approved by Parliament to be removed,” he said.
He said he will sign the document as soon as he returns to Lusaka and if the Government Printing Department and the National Assembly have completed their part.
He also reiterated his appeal to Zambians to preserve and maintain peace.
President Lungu said the police also deserve the support of all citizens to discharge their duties of maintaining peace and order.
He thanked the people of Northern Province for being peaceful and urged the youth to ensure that they remain calm.
“I want to thank you the people of Northern Province for maintaining law and order and this is the way it should be and you should not despair but stand on the truth and always seek peace. We are the ones that can maintain peace. Some of the opposition leaders are cowards and they are not wise, you can’t blame them for that. So, when they want to come back, just welcome them,” said President Lungu. ZAMBIA DAILY MAIL