Chama shames Nawakwi’s ‘crocodile tears’

Edith Z Nawakwi
Edith Z Nawakwi

FORUM for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi has no moral right to criticise Government for the job losses on the mines because she was among the architects of privatisation, Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davies Chama has charged.

Commenting on Ms. Nawakwi’s statement that President Edgar Lungu has no heart for the people on the Copperbelt, Mr. Chama urged Ms. Nawakwi to shut up if she has nothing to tell Zambians.
Mr. Chama said it was shameful that characters like Ms. Nawakwi were now behaving like the messiahs for the people on the Copperbelt when they were the ones at the summit of negotiations for selling the mines to private entities which were now retrenching the miners due to low copper prices on the market.
Mr. Chama said if the mines were under Government those criticising the State would have been justified but now that the mines were in the hands of private investors there was nothing it could do other than mediate in retrenchment negotiations between mine owners and unions.
He charged that Ms. Nawakwi’s continued attacks on Government was just for her own political expediency which never had any logical backing.
“Ms. Nawakwi should just shut up if she has nothing to offer to Zambians because the problem we have today was started by her when she was under the MMD government as a minister of finance and so, it is illogical for her to start accusing PF of not doing enough to protect the people on the Copperbelt because she does not expect us to force the private companies they sold the mines to not to retrench workers;” Mr. Chama said.