TB Joshua steals medicals, converts them to prophecy

TB Joshua
TB Joshua

Nigerian preacher TB Joshua stole from the medical records of former Malawi President Bingu Mutharika and converted them into his death prophecy, making fame for himself along the way, new impeccable details show. This revelation comes as TB Joshua’s staff members on Tuesday splashed the medical details of Nigeria’s former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison Madueke who is currently battling cancer.

ZimEye.com has received details pointing how TB Joshua manipulated simple empirical knowledge he had of Malawi’s former President in 2012 and converted that information into his 60 Day Death Prophecy, rising to fame with it.
More than 3 months before TB Joshua ever opened his mouth, back in November 2011, Mutharika’s health and his impending demise were now public knowledge such that the President would several times come out telling people, “I am not dead yet.”

Furthermore in the days and months running up to President Mutharika’s death April 5th 2012, Malawi’s presidium was now regularly consulting the preacher on many things and documented letters reveal this fact. Mutharika’s deputy at the time, Joyce Banda, who would soon afterwards replace him, also frequented the preacher’s private residence where she would secretly engage TB Joshua weeks before Joshua made his prophetic claim as the church’s videos show.
Banda was at the time at war with her boss, Mutharika, the latter who was also seeking to fire her from government and so she would privately confide with Joshua.

part of the letter TB Joshua received from Bingu wa Mutharika
letter TB Joshua received from Bingu wa Mutharika
Attempts by ZimEye.com to get TB Joshua to comment on this discovery, have been frustrated by the preacher’s staff members who to date have blocked all efforts to reach the man.

One female secretary (call handler) constantly told reporters, “The prophet is not available at the moment,” but would at the same time not take down phone numbers for a simple call-back.



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