Nevers Says MMD Will Bounce Back in 2016

Nevers Sekwila Mumba
Nevers Sekwila Mumba

Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy president Nevers Mumba may have said something only he believes that the former ruling party will bounce back to power at the next election.
Mumba, who has dragged the MMD downhill since taking over in 2012, said the people of Zambia had shown that they were hungry for change.
Mumba managed a paltry 15, 000 votes on a national scale during the last elections in January and has yet seen the party slump further in by-election whey they have performed dismally.


He said that he had a feeling that the MMD’s season was about to come.
“As MMD we will never go away anybody who does not believe that should not be part of us,” he said.
“If we work hard I believe that our season is about to come. Zambians are hungry for change.”
The MMD has been falling apart with some Members of Parliament spreading themselves in loyalty between the ruling Patriotic Front and the opposition United party for National Development.