Govt investigating CCM in Chingola

Konkola Copper Mines (KCM),


Government says it will investigate circumstances surrounding the operations at China Copper Mines in Chingola.

Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma says the government will ensure the mine does not shutdown due to alleged interference.

Mr Yaluma says government will launch investigations to establish the source of interference.

The Minister told ZNBC news in an interview in Mungwi District that he will take the matter seriously.

The mine has suffered contested ownership with rival groups claiming ownership.

Meanwhile, Mimbula Fitula Board Chairperson Albert Kabungo says his company has prepared documents to hand over to President Edgar Lungu over China Copper Mines face-off.

Mr. Kabungo says Mimbula as the original owners of the land have already tabled the matter with Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma.

He has told media briefing in Lusaka that Mimbula has identified Tikumbe as the best possible partners because China Copper Mines have not lived up to expectations.

Zambia Environmental Management Agency -ZEMA closed the mine to due pollution.