148 Konkola Mines workers on forced leave with immediate effect.


Konkola Copper Mines KCM has placed 148 employees at its Nchanga underground mine on forced leave with immediate effect.


The affected miners will be on recess for three months.


KCM Spokesperson Shapi Shachinda has told ZNBC News in a press statement today that the 148 miners have been sent on home owing to the operational problems that the mining firm is facing.


Mr. Shachinda has cited the fall in metal prices, poor economic environmental and increase in electricity prices as the reasons for sending the miners on recess.


He said the 148 miners will however continue receiving their wages.


Mr. Shachinda said the mining firm engaged Government and unions in the mining sector before reaching at the decision.


He has further has announced without divulging into details that certain units of KCM operations are not viable.


Mr. Shachinda says KCM is experiencing challenges that the firm is working hard to resolve so that the negative impacts of such problems do not affect the operations of the conglomerate.