Mbala Secondary School Pupils Ran Amok


Pupils at Mbala secondary school last night ran amok and broke windows panes at the administration block, classrooms, dormitories and two staff houses.

And all the 16 pupils who were initially detained in the process have been released after being screened.

Mbala District Commissioner, Kedrick Sikombe and Acting District Education Board Secretary Andrew Kalumbi have both confirmed the incident to ZANIS Wednesday morning.

Mr. Sikombe who visited the school to check on the damages has condemned the pupils for their riotous behavior.


He says had it not been for quick action by police who used teargas canisters to disperse the pupils the damage would have extensive.

Mr. Sikombe has since directed the school administration to take firm action against would be ring leaders to deter others from conducting themselves in similar riotous behavior which led to loss of property.

He says it is also regrettable for the pupils to cause damage to already dilapidated infrastructure when last Saturday the school was launching the golden jubilee celebrations to mobilize resources for rehabilitating the school infrastructure.

And Acting District Education Board (DEBS) Mr. Kalumbi has also disclosed that the pupils rioted in protest against teachers confiscating their mobile phones suspected to have grade 12 examination leakages.

He has however noted that d the total cost of the damage has not yet been determined as officers from his office are still making assessments.