It is unfair to assume PF is behind Post shooting – Bwalya


The ruling PF has described as unfair assumptions that it is behind yesterday’s shooting at the Post Newspaper offices in Lusaka.
The opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has alleged that his party suspects that the ruling PF is behind the shooting incident.
But PF member Frank Bwalya has advised Mr. Hichilema stop making such wild statements as it is not true the ruling PF is behind the shooting.


Father Bwalya says a good leader should not make such wild statements to mislead the public.
He says what Mr. Hichilema should do is wait until the police complete the investigations and tell the nation who was response for the shooting.
Father Bwalya notes that Mr. Hichilema should also be wary that President Edgar Lungu has already been accused of allegedly wanting to kill the Post Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Fred M’membe.



  1. Its unfair for someone who is supposed to be a man of God turn into a political bitch.

  2. its unfair for bwalya to use catholic money (indalama shaba seme) to acquire his education which he later. comes to use. to perpetuate poverty in the country-shame on you bwalya!

  3. Ubushiku mumunsi mwafwa umukote wamfwi na chimbwi anya imfwi, bushe bakalanda ati ninani uwaipaya nakulu bantu?

  4. Can someone please tell this prodigal son to go back to the pulpit where he belongs.we are sick and tired of his lack of leadership in politics

  5. Its not unfair the president himself drew the battle line thats why its directed to pf.frm panga to guns one u wl ansa to wat u ar doin.

  6. It is unfair for a preacher who is supposed to be an advocate for God to be PF advocate…