‘He returns home when broke, sick’

Divorce Court

A LUSAKA woman has complained that her husband is fond of leaving home, only to reappear when he is broke or sick.
Agnes Tembo, 39, from the Reformed Churches of Zambia (RCZ), told the Kanyama local court that her 42-year-old husband Christopher Mwanza disappeared from home for a long time and left her to look after five children single-handedly.
The two got married in 1996 after Mwanza paid K500 of K1,500 bride price but problems started in 2007.
Tembo complained that the first time her husband left home was in 2007 and only appeared in 2010 looking like a prodigal son and she had to involve the church for intervention.
“There is no sex in the house, and he does not even support the children. His conscience does not even haunt him,” Tembo said.
Tembo said she was tired of her husband’s unbecoming behaviour of coming back home from his escapades whenever he was broke or sick.
She wanted him to explain before the court why he treated her like a slave, saying she suffered the past two years looking for her children’s school fees through selling water packed in plastics.
She said Mwanza was a drunkard who flirted around with other women at the expense of his family.
Tembo said her husband spent one week sleeping and refused to have sex with her even when she gave him a condom four days after his return.
In defence, Mwanza said he was not married to another woman except that he was in business of selling fish and traversed to and from Kasumbalesa Border.
Senior local court magistrates Daniel Phiri and Ackim Phiri granted divorce after failing to reconcile the couple.

Times of Zambia