Nevers Mumba pens an emotional open letter to the President

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu
State House
Independence Avenue

16th September 2015

Dear Sir,

Re: Personal Attacks from PF leadership

I note with serious disquiet the manner in which you and your government officials are handling important national issues affecting the people. At a time like this when the country is going through serious challenges, the Zambian people are left wondering what your administration is doing in office.

As the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, we have in the last few weeks highlighted very important national issues that are affecting all of us the Zambian people. We have gone further and provided solutions to some of those difficult problems. We have been very friendly in advising your office based on the experience we gained while in government over 20 years.

We remind you that the misfortunes this country is currently going through are your responsibility as head of state and you have to deal with them without constantly blaming the lack of results on external “global” factors. Zambians elected you to produce results and not to pass the buck. You may wish to know that the Prime Minister of Australia has just been voted out for failure to deal with national challenges.

The arrogant reactions from your party Secretary General Mr. Davis Chama and your Media and Publicity Committee Vice Chairperson Mr. Sunday Chanda are not surprising to us but shows that your administration has no intentions of dealing with the problems facing our people. This is partly the reason why this country is where it is now. When people behave like this, it shows a serious lack of leadership on your part Mr. President. Your officials keep avoiding the main issues I have been raising and are instead attacking me personally in what appears to be a well calculated character-assassination scheme. Personal attacks on me will not solve the problems the Zambian people are languishing with.



Zambians across the country are going for more than half the day without electricity in their homes and they are failing to plan their lives properly. The dismal performance of the Kwacha against major international currencies has affected businesses in the country with most small scale business houses putting their operations on hold as the environment is not conducive for them. Thousands of miners have just lost their jobs within the last few days due to failure of leadership in your office Mr President. Many young people in Zambia are still on the streets even after graduating from higher learning institutions, despite your party winning elections on the platform of providing more jobs. I think the people who voted for you want to see more action from you than reacting to those advising you on how to deal with these issues.

In the face of all these challenges, your chief past-time is by-elections and traveling abroad. I wish to remind you that when we bring out these issues to you, it is because we are concerned about the lives of the fifteen million Zambians who put you in power. We are not merely politicking but dealing with important national issues. Just in case the people around you have not told you the truth, things are very bad and people are not happy with your administration.

Most Zambians are failing to put a decent meal on the table and this will haunt you if you decide to turn a blind eye to the cries of innocent people whose country is blessed with abundance of natural resources.

We see lack of seriousness on your part to deal with the issues that have put Zambians in abject poverty. You were voted in as president for the entire country and the least you could do is listen from the counsel of those that care about the people you are leading. Gather courage and hold a press conference and answer questions from the people. You need to stop pushing your officials to defend the indefensible and attack noble people with good intentions.

Zambia is bigger than the Patriotic Front. Ignoring our advice is digging your own grave. We speak from experience. Your stooges and henchmen will not be there when the time comes in 2016 for you to be held accountable for the suffering of Zambians who voted for you.

We will not stop talking and advising your administration. The economy of this country has collapsed from the time you took over office merely eight months ago and your combative leadership style is not helping the situation Mr. President. The people you are leading are not foolish and they will rise against you next year.

I advise you to take a deep introspection and listen to those not close to you. Listen to people telling you the truth and not your “muzungu anikonde” praise singers. Those same people will abandon you in 2016 and start attacking you, leaving you looking like a destitute.

Finally, I advise you to seek guidance from God and seek wise counsel before our people start dying from hunger.


Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba
MMD President


  1. i read the whole piece. there is alot of things one can learn from this letter. save the emotions, Dr Mumba is right