Zambia headed for economic turmoil – Chanda

FOURTH REVOLUTION (4R) president Eric Chanda
FOURTH REVOLUTION (4R) president Eric Chanda

Fourth Revolution party President Eric Chanda has charged that the country is headed for economic turmoil at the rate the Kwacha is losing value against major currencies.

Mr Chanda notes that at no time has the local currency reached its lowest point as the case is at the moment.

He says this is worrying, as soon the Kwacha might enter into double digits against major currencies.


According to the Bank of Zambia exchange rate, the Dollar was on Sept 3rd  selling at K9.8028 at around 12:30hours, before the Kwacha marginally gained some ground to trade at K9.3844 to the US Dollar at around 15:30 hours.

Meanwhile Green Party President Peter Sinkamba says it’s high time the PF government sought other avenues of raising revenue and stop depending on revenue from copper exports.

Green Party Leader Peter Sinkamba says legalizing the cultivation of Marijuana will help create employment and revenue generation for the country.


He says this why his party will not stop advocating for the legalization of marijuana.

Mr Sinkamba states that the ruling party has not told the nation how it intends to address the economic challenges facing the country.