Give constitution talk a break – Chanda

FOURTH REVOLUTION (4R) president Eric Chanda
FOURTH REVOLUTION (4R) president Eric Chanda

FOURTH Revolution (4R) president Eric Chanda has appealed to Zambians to focus on improving the economy instead of debating the constitution-making process.
Mr Chanda said in an interview in Lusaka on Friday that there has been so much talk about the constitution, which he described as a waste of time for a country faced with economic challenges.
“We already have a draft constitution in place that people have presented to Government. People should not continue debating what has already been presented to Government,” Mr Chanda said.

He said what is contained in the final draft constitution represents the voice of Zambians and what remains is the enactment of the constitution.
“As 4R and citizens, we are appealing to Zambians not to worry about how the constitution should be adopted because we have already given Government what we need,” Mr Chanda said.
He said some people prefer a referendum while others desire to have the constitution enacted through Parliament.
Mr Chanda said what is important is to have the constitution not the mode of adoption.
He called on Zambians to support the roadmap that has already started and ensure there is no alteration of any single word in the document that has already been presented to Government.