Wife soaks husband’s clothes in mud

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

THE Chelstone Local Court has heard how a Chongwe woman dumped her husband’s clothes in mud after he returned home from monitoring the last presidential elections.
Before Magistrate Mary Namangala was Lucy Katongo 28, an unemployed of Chongwe township who sued Sydney Mwewa, 35, a teacher for married reconciliation.
Katongo told the court that she got married in 2006 and has two children aged 11 and 5 and no pride price was paid.
Katongo told the court that her husband had been promiscuous, adding that before relocating to Chongwe from the Copperbelt, her partner would still make unexplained trips to Lusaka.
“Early this year on a date I cannot remember, I followed him to Chalimbana College of Education where he had gone to see his girlfriend, a librarian at the college and I found his car parked outside his lover’s house,” Katongo told the court.
She told the court that in anger, she smashed the front screen of the car and the matter was taken to the police.
Furthermore, Katongo told the court that while at the police, the girlfriend admitted having a relationship with Mwewa which made Katongo more annoyed and smashing the rear screen and all the mirrors on Mwewa’s car.
Katongo told the court that she helped Mwewa attain his profession using her money.
In his defence, Mwewa told the court that Katongo is very aggressive and that in 2010, she threatened to stab him.
Mwewa said in January 2015, he went for election monitoring for some days and when he returned home, Katonga was suspicious after seeing clean clothes from the suitcase.
“I usually go for examination marking and sometimes for election monitoring, and whenever I get back, my wife would get my clothes and put them in mud in my presence,” Mwewa told the court.
He said on their way back from the police Katongo hit Mwewa with a book on his face while he was driving and they had an accident.

“On the material day from Chalimbana College, Katongo hit me with a book on the face and I lost control and plunged into a drainage. Thank God none of use was injured but the car was damaged,” Mwewa told the court.
In passing judgement, the court failed to establish any reconciliation on grounds that no pride price was paid.
“Despite you two having children, there was no marriage here because no pride price was paid. So there is no marriage to reconcile here,” Magistrate Namangala said.

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