Kabimba’s dismissal from PF, one year on

Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone
Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone

Today August 28th marks exactly one year since our late Patriotic Front (PF) and Republican President His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP) fired Mr. Wynter Kabimba as Patriotic Front General Secretary, Minister of Justice and nominated Member of Parliament. President Sata replaced Mr. Kabimba with current Republican President His Excellency Edgar Lungu as the then new party Secretary General and Minister of Justice, in addition to his portfolio as Minister of Defence. This showed President Sata’s huge trust and confidence in President Lungu.


Mr. Kabimba had been a destabilizing figure within both Government and PF due to his arrogance and failed schemes to hijack the Presidency together with a group of cartel members supported by a known media which still spews hatred towards President Lungu and the PF on a daily basis out of frustration and anger at their failed political project.


The country vividly recalls how within seconds of the statement being made public that the unpopular PF Secretary General and Minister of Justice had been fired, thousands of Zambians from across the country in all 10 provinces spontaneously and jubilantly celebrated and danced, with traffic being disrupted. The reason people celebrated his sacking was because this was a man who was seen as arrogant and pompous for a party he never founded, and despite never winning an election his entire political career, failing twice as MP in his own home town. Mr. Kabimba was blinded by power and fake popularity in his friendly media in their futile attempts to sell him to the nation as a successor to late President Sata. Hence he became a Hated Figure in PF and the entire nation.


Mr. Kabimba was always given wide press coverage by his friends at a known media house, as they still do today, portraying him and his cartel friends to public as President Sata’s chief praise singers, while demonizing those within PF who were perceived to be their political opponents like President Edgar Lungu, minister of finance Hon. Alexander Chikwanda and others. The result of Mr. Kabimba’s acidic politics was serious divisions within PF with intraparty and interparty violence. Even some opposition leaders who today are quiet hated Mr. Kabimba, with UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema even stating that even if Kabimba was the last lawyer on earth to represent him in Court HH would prefer going to Prison.


Mr. Kabimba was a man that had the audacity to play ping-pong with progress in the Constitution making process, which was only reversed when President Lungu became Justice Minister and Zambians are hopeful of ensuring key constitutional amendments this year and a referendum on the remainder of the Constitution to run side by side with elections next year.


President Sata’s decision to appoint His Excellency President Lungu stabilized the PF and healed wounds and divisions caused by Mr. Kabimba and his cartel friends. Despite the cartel fighting tooth and nail to hijack power once again following the unfortunate death of President Sata last October 2014, PF members and Zambians rallied behind President Lungu and defeated those forces of evil. Against all odds, President Lungu was first elected as PF President and subsequently as Republican President 7 months ago.



Even today as Mr. Kabimba serves as Rainbow party leader, his supporters at a known media house with equally inflated egos and huge financial liabilities have not given up their intentions as can be seen by their unprincipled and pathetic personal attacks on President Lungu and the PF government on a daily basis. Fortunately, Zambians have seen through the cheap lies and hatred of these scandalous individuals who are being made to account to the Zambian people for the billions of kwacha they owe in unpaid taxes and public loans. We welcome Mr. Kabimba, his Rainbow party and their media friends to the democratic arena where they can prove their popularity to the Zambian people through participation in elections.


Lastly, we take great exception to MMD leader Nevers Mumba sentiments in the Post Newspaper today. While his remarks remain inconsequential and not worth responding to, we advise him to look at the man in his mirror and ask that man to change his ways. It’s sad that Dr. Mumba is mistaking the man in his mirror for President Lungu. It is also not surprising that MMD under Dr. Mumba has remained a sinking Titanic. Dr. Mumba cannot play victim by apportioning blame on others for MMD’s haemorrhage. His leadership has failed to pass the test and let him gather courage and take responsibility for what he has done to the former ruling party.


In this regard, we therefore appeal to all PF members and Zambian citizens to rally behind the leadership of President Lungu who has proven to be a UNIFIER of both party and country, rather than practicing politics of hatred and division.
Issued by: Sunday Chanda, Vice Chairperson, PF Media and Publicity Committee