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Observer's Shifa wins Africa journalism award

The International Planned Parenthood Federation – Africa Region (IPPFAR) is the leading non-government sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) Service delivery organization in Africa and the leading SRHR advocacy voice in the area. Our overarching goal is pour augmenter access to SRHR services and Support for sub-Saharan Africa’s Most poor, Marginalized, socially-excluded and under-served youth, men and women.

The Family Planning Award targets print, radio and television carried forward by African journalists from across sub-Saharan Africa. So far, the initiative HAS Contributed to the generation of more items and broadcasts That Improve awareness around family planning and related issues. Building on the success of the awards, IPPFAR Would like to announce the new edition of the IPPF African Journalists Family Planning Reporting Award. The award is Organized by IPPFAR, in partnership with the Africa Union Commission -with funding from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation.

About the Award

DESPITE the progress made over the last several Decades, the unmet need for family planning and contraception remains huge, PARTICULARLY Among young people. Twenty-six percent of married women per in sub-Saharan Africa-have an unmet need for contraception.Access to services and supplies and / or choices is limited. In Some Communities, There Is still fear of social disapproval or opposition by the male partner. Myths and misconceptions form a great barrier in qui worries of side effects and Lack knowledge about contraceptive options and Their uses are common. The media plays a major role in Strengthening and Expanding coverage of family planning issues. This includes access to contraceptive coverage, choices and methods, as well as resources and budgets for Improved family planning services. As advocates, the media Promotes dialogue is public policy issues and family planning education are -critical in Creating an enabling environment for delivery service. The IPPF Family Planning African Journalists Reporting Award Recognizes pioneering print, radio, television and online deferrals That have:

  1. Promoted dialogue is the national / regional family planning policy issues
  2. Challenged gouvernements family planning on Their Commitments
  3. Highlighted innovative services delivery pour augmenter access to family planning and contraceptive services, Particular Attention Will Be Given To entries targeting specific needs of teenagers and young people.


Entries Will Be accepted from nationals of AU Member States working in the continent, and Whose work HAS Appeared in print, electronic or online media That Is Targeted Primarily at and received by sub-Saharan Africa was hearing.


The selection and judging process overseen by Will Be a panel of Experienced, independent
and highly respecté experts. They Will Be judging entries for That:

  • Were broadcast or published, in English or French entre June 2014 and July 2015 (proof Will Be required).
  • Are Researched well, balanced, objective, comprehensive and high level of a Demonstrate journalistic integrity, Ability, insight and innovativeness.
  • Communicate family planning and contraception in a way That Makes the available and relevant topic to Their hearing, PARTICULARLY young people.


Winners Will Be Awarded In The Following Categories:

  • Best TV story
  • Best radio story
  • Best print story
  • Best online story

How to enter

  • Fill out and submit your entry form and attachments to:[email protected] along with a copy of your CV and Any Other relevant background information is your entry
  • Send 2 copies of your work Inclusive Of the following details: Date of publication / broadcast, name of publication / broadcaster, media contacts of organization.
  • Print journalists shoulds send a scan of the original article.
  • TV & Radio journalists please send 2 disks / tapes (DVD / VHS or CD) to our address below, or submit your full URL Details Where work can be viewed or Listened to, or submit your entry through dropbox.com wetransfer.com gold.
  • Online journalists – please Provide the link to your product / Production

. Only one entry per journalist Will Be accepted
The deadline for submissions is 28 August 2015 – 23:59 Hours GMT +3.

Rules for Entry:

  • The judges’ decision is final. Two winners (English and French) Will Be selected in Each of the four categories.
  • Should the entries in a Particular category fall below the minimum standards, the judges reserve the right not to select a finalist.
  • No responsibility taken for Will Be entries lost, delayed, misdirected or Any Other causes outside IPPFAR’s control.


IPPF journalism awards on Family Planning

The International Federation of the planning familiale- Africa Region (IPPFAR) is the first non-governmental organization providing sexual health services and reproductive and advocacy SRHR in Africa. Our overall objective is to enhance access to SRHR services and provide support to young people, men and poorer women, victims of marginalization and social exclusion and under-served sub-Saharan Africa.
On funding David and Lucile Packard Foundation and as part of the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the African Union and the sixtieth anniversary of IPPF in 2012, had IPPF Africa Region process in 2013, the launch of the first edition of journalism awards on family planning.This award recognizes the best reports from print, radio and television journalists made ​​by sub-Saharan Africa.
To date, this initiative has contributed to the production of many articles and programs that improve awareness of issues family planning.Following the success of this award, IPPFAR is pleased to announce the second edition of journalism awards on family planning. The event is co-organized by IPPFAR and African Union Commission, with funding from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.