Over 10 houses to be demolished


CHNGOLA Municipal Council will demolish over 10 houses that have been illegally constructed on Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company main sewer pipeline in Chiwempala, Chingola mayor Titus Tembo has said.
And Mr Tembo has expressed concern over the increased illegal land allocation in the mining town.

Mr Tembo said the council will soon raze the illegal structures located behind Chiwempala Police Station.
Speaking in an interview, Mr Tembo said the plots were acquired without the consent of the local authority as it cannot allocate plots in that area.
“We have a case where over 10 houses of which some are on roof level, have been illegally constructed on the sewer pipeline in Chiwempala. The council is moving in to demolish the structures,” he said.

Mr Tembo alleged that some police officers were part of the people that had acquired plots in the affected area.
The council has advised the people to acquire land through the local authority which administers the land on behalf of Government.
And Mr Tembo said illegal land allocation is rampant in Chingola as some people have already demarcated land in Chingola South and Helen Kaunda areas.

“Some beckons that were put by the surveyors have been removed in Chingola South by the illegal land traders who depend on plot allocation for their livelihood,” he said.
Mr Tembo said the council will not only end at razing the illegal structures but will also prosecute the offenders.
Chingola Municipal Council is being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission for illegal land allocation.