Evelyn Hone lecturer accused of sexual harassment

Evelyn Hone
Evelyn Hone

Some female students at the Evelyn Hone College have accused a named Lecturer at the institution of sexual harassment.

The students have told QFM News that the named lecturer has been making sexual advances to them, and that those who turndown his advances are made to fail assignments.


The students who sought anonymity say they have tried to report the lecturer to higher authorities at the college but that nothing has been done.

But when contacted for a comment, Evelyn Hone College Principal Daniel Fwambo says the college management is not aware of any issue of its member of staff sexually harassing students.

Mr Fwambo says it is extremely sad that the students for whatever reason did not report the matter to the management through the normal procedure and instead rushed to the media.


He says students should not always give a bad name of the institution especially that the school has a policy of constructive engagement with the students on issues be it academic or non academic issues.

Mr Fwambo states that he has not received any such report from the dean of students of any student, stating that management would have investigated and acted had any such report been received.

And Ministry of Education the Ministry of Education says it will investigate the matter and ensure that necessary action is taken.

The Zambia National Women Lobby (ZNWL) Chairperson Beauty Katebe
The Zambia National Women Lobby (ZNWL) Chairperson Beauty Katebe

Spokesperson Hillary Chipango says it is sad that a lecturer who is entrusted to impart knowledge in students would want to use his authority for sexual favors.

And the Zambia National Women’s Lobby says the situation is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

ZNWL Board Chairperson Beauty Katebe says there is need for thorough investigations into the matter to exactly find out why the lecturer has been allowed to abuse the female students.

Ms. Katebe says it is unfortunate that some female students might have given in urging girls to be strong and not allow themselves to be taken advantage of.