Zambian Netball team Assistant Coach weeps uncontrollably

Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago goal shoot Samantha Wallace, left, reaches for the ball during their Netball World Cup clash at the Netball Central Arena in Sydney, Australia yesterday. T&T defeated Zambia 66-39.jpg

The Netball Association of Zambia has apologised to the nation over the national team’s poor performance at the 2015 Netball World Cup, taking place in Sydney, Australia.


Meanwhile, the netball team yet again lost 51-53 in a rankings match against Samoa, leaving Assistant Coach, Kelly Mwanza weeping uncontrollably.


This was during the rankings games played on Wednesday.


The loss means Zambia has gone five games at the tournament, without a win.


Netball Association of Zambia President, Getrude Mukumi however says there is no one to blame for the team’s dismal performance at the World Cup.


She has explained that the Zambian team lacks exposure, making it difficult to compete with other teams.


Mukumi also says the association had a tough time to camp the team and that the world cup outing has been a learning process.


Meanwhile, player, Lucy Jere has appealed to Zambians to be calm and patient with the Netball Team.




  1. Imwe mwa neba imwe…we shud teach u how to play netball not ivo muchita #TeamMalawiQueens

  2. Why apologising? We are used to losing. Just be happy. This is the life in Zambia that we are used to.

  3. Look at our neighbors Malawi, they have performed wonderfully. 3 wins out of 4 Games. One Zambia Two Nations, shame!

  4. Leave the coaching to a fellow lady so that they cry like wise.a man should not be crying anyhow.

  5. Hard lucky!!! but how do you go with 45 yrs players & expect to run against young players sure? go back to the roots & scout for more talented young girls in schs.

  6. Truth to be told I have followed these games n others teams had better skills more physic compared to our ladies…….ma appeal is to publicize this sport @ national level so that we can also have tall physic talented ladies be part of the team…..