Girl, 6, swallows 5 cm nail

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A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl of Choma last Thursday swallowed a two-inch (5cm) nail at a Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church campsite as she was running towards her father for a hug.

The incident happened around 15:00 hours as the child’s parents were working at campsite.
Narrating the incident in an interview yesterday, the girl’s father, Albert Hamafuwa, said he did not immediately notice that the child had swallowed the nail.

“While we were at the campsite, my daughter told the mother that she was hungry and wanted to go home. When I called for a vehicle to take her home, she ran in excitement and embraced me, that is how she swallowed a nail which she was playing with in the mouth,” Mr Hamafuwa said.
He said the child was rushed to Choma General Hospital where an X-ray revealed that the nail had crossed the second rib.

“Unfortunately, the doctors told us that they could not perform the operation and referred us to Livingstone Central Hospital,” Mr Hamafuwa said.
He said at this point, he asked the church and family members to pray for the girl, who was still admitted to Choma General Hospital on Saturday.

Mr Hamafuwa, however, said the nail was ‘miraculously’ ejected when the child went to relieve herself.
“While we were preparing to travel to Livingstone on Saturday around 10:00 hours, my wife, who was worried about the child undergoing an operation, prayerfully asked the child to forcefully relieve herself with the hope that the nail would be excreted…and miraculously, the nail came out,” he said.
Mr Hamafuwa thanked God for saving his child’s life.