PF has placed Zambians between rock and hard place – Saunders

Mandevu Rally - HH Dante Saunders
Mandevu Rally - HH Dante Saunders

Political activist Dante Saunders has charged that the people of Zambia are currently caught between rock and hard place with respect governance.
Mr. Saunders says people are in a dilemma of choosing to allow the current government to continue in office or to go for an early general election.

He has told Qfm News by telephone that the fix is in that keeping the current government in office will be costly for the nation while on the other hand going for an early general election will mean breaching the Country’s constitution.

Mr. Saunders states that given this quandary he personally thinks people should place their trust in the Judiciary and civil service as they wait for the current government’s mandate to come to an end.

He has advised that people should use the period between now and the 2016 general elections as time to reflect where they went wrong to entrust governance to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

The political activist has disclosed that as one the individuals that assist the ruling PF to get to power he has his own regrets.
He says feels that the once popular political party that started well in governing the country has now shown its true colors.



  1. Yes so that you can hit your head against the rock and break it if your a man enough

  2. Truth hates.truth is truth.wise will get it… Fools will argue something right and truth.