President Lungu abusing state machinery – HH

President Lungu on arrival at Mfuwe International Airport from Mozambique where he attended that Country's 40th Independence Celebrations. This was on June 26,2015 -Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says latest threats by President Edgar Lungu against leaders in the opposition such as his Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, FDD leader Edith Nawakwi, Chongwe PF MP Silvia Masebo, and others is a clear case of abuse of state machinery to oppress the opposition and other dissenting voices in the country.


Mr Hichilema in a statement says President Lungu’s threats and commands to the Police also confirms an established pattern of using state institutions to victimize other leaders and citizens that have offered support to the opposition, particularly the UPND.


He says it is not a shock that President Lungu and the PF can today play victim of violence when Zambians know that it’s the opposition party members, particularly UPND members who have been victims of brutal attacks.


Mr Hichilema cites the incident during the Mulobezi by-election, when PF Secretary General Davies Chama allegedly shot people, yet President Lungu never condemned it.


The UPND leader has since urged President Lungu to concentrate his energies and attention to the numerous economic challenges which people are going through.


Mr Hichilema says the President should address the nation and give guidance on economic issues rather than wasting time witch hunting and victimizing political opponents.





  2. ati ba hakainde eyaaa!!! one joins today becomes a vice president, how i wish promotions at our workplaces are done the same

  3. ati ba hakainde eyaaa!!! one joins today becomes a vice president, how i wish promotions at our workplaces are done the same

  4. All those that have said bad about an opposition leader are fools, and not only is lungu headed for doom but all his supporters and the whole Zambia. I don’t blame those people who are voting for the ruling party in by elections today because they threaten them with development, but come next year, what will they talk about.

  5. Some of you people are an embarrassment, if you have nothing to contribute please just keep quiet,blind loyalty is a plus to an ignorant mind,we cannot develop as nation with such kind of mentality,let justice be applied to all equally, it amazes me when certain people commit crimes and everyone just keeps quiet, only to give foolish comments…..zambia belongs to all of us,

  6. HH alafwaya sana ukupanga noise nomba tapaba uko imutwala. So HH jst organize yo watch dog party & stop playn cheap politics bcoz u ar nt yet at da drivaz seat.

    • The problem with u is that u spend a lot of time making noise while u are not even product. Your leadership is blind and obly see their shadows only.

  7. you are doing foolish things deliberately so dat u blame de on earth wud be happy wit bhaviour of GBM even if lungu was not a president?

  8. HH u are not worth to be a president of this country bcoz u don’t know how gov’t operates, the only thing u know is ukusabaila fye every time.

  9. Mr. HH it is alledged that your vice president GBM has assaulted women whilst acting with unknown people. Why not allow the due process of the law take its course. Or GBM has the immunity not to be prosecuted?

    • Let me you now that your has no direction in what ever be is doing and tribe too. You can’t preach what you fail to do. You see the campaign which PF had at Mwamba School was not pleasing at all. Tell Lungu that one Zambia one nation is not working and he should try something else. I was working there and got everyting that was said.