Beware of cheat pastors, clergy warns women

Man Of God, priest - Pastor
Man Of God, priest - Pastor

A LIVINGSTONE clergy has advised women not to be gullible and be easily swayed by some pastors who advise them to stop taking medication claiming they have been healed.
Livingstone Pentecostal Holiness Church – Amazing Grace Fellowhship Centre pastor in-charge Reverend Peter Kasinda said the flock, who usually comprise of women, are usually mislead to stop taking medication, including ARVS.

Pastor Kasinda, who described the trend as unfortunate, said women are advised to replace their medication with anointing water or anointing oil.
He said such incidences have resulted in people losing their lives based on advice by pastors who are not even qualified medical personnel.

“Such pastors are selfish because they are in a business of making money from selling anointing water and anointing oil. Just as much as having faith heals, people must not discard their medication,” he said.
Pastor Kasinda said pastors have no authority to certify the health of any person.

“In the first place it’s not the pastor who tells you that you are HIV-positive but the hospital. Therefore if the man of God prays for you and believes you are healed, the best way is to go back to the hospital to confirm,” he said.
He advised those on medication to stop doing so if the advice comes from a health institution.

“Let’s be careful we have lost a lot of people because of such misleading messages,” he said.
“Men of God must stick to the truth. They do not have the authority to advise patients to stop taking ARVs. Their job starts and ends at praying for people,” he said.