Restrict charcoal burning’

charcoal traders
charcoal traders

GREEN Cycle (GC) Limited Company has called on the Forestry Department to restrict charcoal burning as a way of controlling climate change.
GC Company director, Juma Nkowane said there was urgent need for relevant authorities to stiffen the issuance of certificates to charcoal traders as this would help control the environment.

Mr Nkowane said this at the on-going 89th Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show (ZACS), whose theme is ‘Innovation Beyond the Golden Jubilee’.
He said charcoal burning involved cutting of trees covering a range of 2,500 to 3,000 hectares of land annually which had the potential to result into a desert.

Mr Nkowane said he decided to attend the show so that he could teach members of the public on the importance of preserving the environment, while providing charcoal.

He said GC was providing charcoal barricade which had zero emission of carbon monoxide and would burn for long hours without any problem.
“Our charcoal can stay from three to four hours and, on top of that, it does not produce any carbon monoxide.



  1. foolish people en wat er the pipo n villages going to be using wen u knw there z no electricity na loadshedding pamulu atase imwe

  2. Are u mad? 99% of zambian use chacoal for cooking! Tell your govt to suppy electricity to all households without loadshade