Pilato slams ministers over CBU closure

Pilato Yaku
Pilato Yaku

I keep asking myself questions, if our Education Minister and all the other minister’s children were at CBU, would they have welcomed the closure of this important institution? I know half of our minister’s sons and daughters are at universities in Malaysia, Namibia, South Africa and some in the UK but why are they making it hard for the poor man’s child to be educated? Ladies and Gentlemen this is not right. We are a country not a farm and as a people we need to defend and support the right. While it is politicians controlling the system, Education is beyond politics and it is wrong for politicians to hold hostage the future of the so many youths at CBU.

I’ve tried to avoid talking about this issue ati kuti bakwikata but come on guys this is not right. Today we have experts doing the work that can be done by us given the right education and we still don’t care. If the Lecturers feel their management is not doing their work as expected, the minister can debate their concerns. I think its better to have the management replaced than have so many young people’s lives brought to a stand still. Why is it easy for the Minister of education to send the students home and not the few managers.

If the government loves the current CBU management more than the lecturers do, Boma ni Boma they can deploy them elsewhere instead of stalling the education progress of the innocent students. Prof PLO Lumumba once said, “the youths are the future leaders but politicians do everything to prevent that future from coming to pass”, I feel its true here. Lekeni abantu basambilile naimwe.

To our church leadership, Civil society leadership, our traditional leadership and every well meaning citizen this is an opportunity to defend the future of this country, if you choose to ignore the CBU students now and let their education be at the mercy of the president or minister I can assure you our problems will last longer than they should. If you can’t fight for the good of another, in your time, you will not fight for your own good. Any nation that believes in the future expresses their belief in investing in the country’s youth and education. What is happening at CBU is just embarrassing and the government has an opportunity to do the right thing. This is not about politics but about the future of all of us.

To every student at any university in Zed, keeping quiet on the CBU closure does not mean you are safe, what’s happening at CBU may happen at your beloved institution tomorrow so take responsibility and speak out for for your colleagues now and in your time you will have courage to speak for yourself.
CBU students, stay a little stronger once more.


  1. U nid a shave,may be u will be a le to c how dangerous it is for students Live in tention until the impase is resolved!

  2. the demand by lecturers its just too much.pilato assist the govt to pay the increaments,claimed by these stupid lazy lecturers.

  3. Wev got ministers sons & daughters at CBU & UNZA ,it’s jst dat wen things can’t be resolved BOMA has got the right to close the institution kafulumende te munobe waumfwa!

  4. Tell the Lecturers to withdraw their unrealistic demands. If the govt opens the CBU today who will be teaching u because lecturers are on strike?

    • That y govt should c to the lect’s demand.even wen u ar a cader think wisely.c common sense is never common 2 common people like u dear kikikikikk!!!!!!!

  5. Well spoken Pilato,keep it up bcoz your observation is that of many real & genuine Zambians esp parents like me.

  6. You can never hear of such unreasonable closures of Universities in developed countries. It can only happen in Zambia because of poor Managers running the country. In Rainbow Party in government that will be a thing of the past.

    • You also,What’s Rainbow party in front of this mess zambia is in?come on, u and I knows that Winter Kabimba cnt rule zambia coz he has no qualities to do so!!#no Politics of the belly now,we are goin to vote on merit nd HH is the man at the moment..

  7. Fire the indisciplined lecturers so that our children can go back to work quickly. Such stupid work stoppages only happen in government industry.

    • U think firing lecturers is a solution,I never thot pipo wud think that way except 1 ck

    • What is the problem with CBU management Sally Elysie Nachalwe? Picking a quarrel with the Union leaders from the tarven and bring to the office? Noo. Fire the erring lecturers and employ others. Just charge them.

    • I don’t think the demands of lectures are as unrealistic as some pipo are saying.Unza had the same situation and Prof. Simukanga did the honourable thing and stepped aside and closure was avoided,that’s leadership.It was a totally different thing wen it came to Prof. Ngoma the man was adamant and the only thing the govt shud hav done was to remove him so that learning continues.wen civil servants protestd against Inutu Subwa in central province Sata removed her to Luapula as PS bt they protested also.Sata had no option bt to bring her to state house,that’s leadership.The problem with leadership of today is that there is no measures taken against erring leaders and so they can’t do anything with Ngoma even if the lecturers hav a genuine cause.

    • Ian Chomba what are the lecturers demands? Management to go? The lecturers can resign, that’s leadership.

    • the cry for the lecturers is that the prof. and the management lacks academic focus.For instance how can management allocate K20,000 for sku of Engineering for one year while management gives itself over a million for travelling and allowances.why shud management buy breathrisers whilst the labs don’t even hav test tubes.why shud they put up a tent for learning at a cost of 7million instead of putting up actual lecture block.If lecturers were a problem he shud hav sorted them before they protestd.

    • there is nothing wrong with it bt is it rilly a pressing matter.how much academic value does it add to the quality of engineers being produced.

    • Are they similar in purpose to the ones roads and safety agency is using for alcohol?

    • the whole time when I was at cbu I never had a lecture with a drunken lecturer.bt is nt to say that they neva used to drink in their free times.Its like at the mines,a lot of the miners drink bt they don’t go 4 work drunk.the only problem we hav in zambia we hero worship politicians bt insult and look down on professionals.For instance ,wen Nsanda died there was a vip funeral and everyone was there.bt here is Dr Manda a professional,someone who contributed so much in the nation put to rest wit no much recongnition.The truth of the matter is that I trust the reasoning of an academician than a politician and that’s why Mr Kambwili’s rantics don’t go down well with me.

    • I hear you. Is there anything wrong with lecturers lecturing from the tent? I think that’s for the students to complain of and not lecturers.

    • The reasons are flimsy. It’s no wonder government is not firing management. The union has crossed their line.

    • If the reasons are flimsy why has government not fired them?Are you telling me a tent is better than actual built structure?by way in a lecture room there is students and lecturers they are both stake holders and so if they feel they can not delivert well in a tent they a right to say so becoz if they don’t deliver well its the students who suffer.

    • @sikalumbi hehehe fire fire hehehehe dat ignorancy my bro.u dont even know wats right or wrong hehehe.stike is not indispln

    • Miyoba Niaps-x Power an illegal strike amounts indiscipline. Don’t display your ignorance.

    • So you think Pilato did not go to school. Pilato was an intake mate with my lecturer @Unza not dobdoba university where some minnisters go

    • Maybe ur lecturer lies to you .i thot he was ur intake mate .hearsay not my thing

    • Lol u guys are so behind…….u nid to b upgraded take time to listen to pilatos interview after he was arrested…. His probably more learned than u niggas….. No offense……

    • Lol u guys are so behind…….u nid to b upgraded take time to listen to pilatos interview after he was arrested…. His probably more learned than u niggas….. No offense……

    • Its not on our best interest to listen to that crap i would rather Watch Tom& Jerry

    • Mmmm. People who dont knw pilAto talks crap. If you have nothing to say, just dont comment.