GBM to push for convention and challenge HH- Siliya

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

In giving my maiden speech this time round, I advised Lubansenshi MP, Mr. Mucheleka, who was admonished by the speaker for heckling as I began to speak, that it is not the suit that makes the man but manners. After the UPND debacle with GBM being appointed as their VP, I wish to state that it is not wealth that makes the man but common sense. Here are a few questions I have?

How is it possible that the whole UPND leadership team, in their wisdom thought they could on one hand claim GBM is their VP but tell us he is still a PF member? This is considering that GBM himself has told all who have had time to listen to him that he is UPND. I also ask that since UPND already suffered this fate when the courts ruled against late Tentamashimba for accepting an SG position of the UPND, as MP on National Party, how could UPND make the same mistake? As if that was not enough, how could the UPND be duped by their own MP, Jack Mwimbu, who as a lawyer, represented late Tetamashimba and lost the case in very similar circumstances, and yet it seemed as if he hoped the law would be interpreted differently this time around. I am just asking, who does that?


Clearly, the UPND under HH do not take anything, especially the People of Zambia, seriously. We can also assume, they give Jack Mwiimbu too much credit otherwise we will assume HH is out of his depth in politics. If indeed it is the latter, the UPND leader would do well to humble himself and ask for the peoples vote at parliamentary level as this would give him a better understanding of national politics. At this point, GBM has more experience than HH at political leadership after serving as an MP and a Minister of Government. I am just saying.


The partnership between the UPND and GBM is very interesting. What is for sure is GBM has not gone to UPND to be a small time player unlike the many politicians there who tolerate HH as he funds the Party. The story is GBM has no intention of re-contesting the seat. Some say GBM aims to take over the UPND as it is cheaper than starting a new party. In fact speculation is that GBM wants to push for a convention and challenge HH before 2016 elections. The question is how will those who put on record that UPND was for Tongas and it was time for a Tonga President accept this new scenario.


I think the bigger question is also that are leaders like HH true democrats at heart or they just feel entitled to be Presidents since they claim to be wealthy? History has shown always that it is not wealth that makes Presidents but qualities such as humbleness, respect for others, being a team player and accepting the citizens choice of leadership. Economist Paul Krugman argues that businessmen make bad political leaders. I urge you to read the paper.


Clearly, the Speakers ruling yesterday was momentous and will encourage us all to take the plunge and choose one side at a time. You may agree with me but also disagree honestly. I am just saying.
These are my thoughts today my friends!


  1. To all UPND supporters, don’t take to heart this cheap propaganda from “Zambia Open” as the Late President Sata would call her. Everybody in PF knows GBM’s influence in Zambian politics.

  2. Siliya just enjoy yo wako ni wakko cake in yo mouth than wasting time on preaching hate.

  3. Bana Alex Mulyokela, what crime has GBM committed by simply joining UPND. Let’s be fair in our judgement.

  4. Get lost with your propaganda we know u don’t sleep jst to find means and ways of distabilizing UPND, u devil’s advocates. GBM means well fo UPND and this country

  5. Hw i wish this woman can just keep quiet because GBM is far much beter than her in the history of Zambia

  6. Bane if you can’t stand the stories here go to yowa watchdog…otherwise we wait to see what will happen,but GBM abepelefye,the presidency of the upnd is seeded for a tonga person..

  7. dis girl z becoming useless instead of telling us what dey r goin 2 do she z busy tokin abt UPND.